Saturday, May 30, 2009

End of May...Storm's wrath still lingering.

The wrath of last weeks 5-days of rain still lingers.....

The St. Johns River is completely SWEET! That means FRESH water. At least the surface that I'm testing with my Hydrometer/Salinity Gauge.

Had a call at 6PM Friday, for today....4 passengers. BAIT IS EVERYWHERE, at the Jetties.
Problem is there's no fish there! Bottom fished with pogies all day long.

We fished the jetties, and up in the river with pogies I caught with one toss of my castnet. And came up with basically no "gamefish". I saw no one else catch a single "gamefish" either.

Drifted thru the bait pods, nothing! Tried running out to the shrimp boats, no sharks there either.

If I was a Redbass, and wanted salty water I'd be on the beach where the pogies are. Behind the surf with all the pogies I could eat. But I'm not a Redbass, and they must have some other agenda.

Then, at 3pm I had a non fishing trip, just 6 people out for a burial at sea. Which was nice. Took maybe an hour total. Yes, I'll do about any kind of "cruise", up to 6 passengers.

While cleaning the boat today, I had a call for tomorrow. Then, another call for Sunday while walking thru the grocery store at 7pm. I remember years ago, I booked most trips weeks in advance.

Last night at 10pm, I booked Sunday....yeah, that was pretty late. But we got it done so I could hit the sack for a 4:30am wake up and a roll call at B&M bait & tackle by 5:30am.

Weekends are becoming a real mad house there. I see a distinct difference in attitudes between weekend and weekday folk. Weekday folks aren't ready to run you over.

Today, some guy driving a truck that looked like Bob Chandlers original BIG FOOT, towing a giant Contender, thought he owned the place. Pulling thru the parking lot running over the median, dropped clumps of mud outside the front door of the shop via his gumbo monster mudders. It's always those Contender owners, "years ago it was the Fountain owners".

We'll see after Sunday what the deal is in the river. Because with two passengers Sunday I'll be going back to Float-rigging, etc.

Talked to a friend of mine and he said the water looked like the river 20 miles out, while he hunted for Kingfish. He didn't catch any kings either.

Can't wait to have some good photos again.

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