Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6/10 - Fishing in a Aquarium!

Had Tim A. from Tampa back on board the "JETTYWOLF" today, and he'll be back on board again Thursday too.

We have so much's almost like I thought this "guiding gig" was supposed to be. One angler and me, out huntin' them up, fishing together, learning and looking for that pattern. But solo passenger charters are not the norm.

Yes, I do a single passenger charter for those who really want to get versatile, flexible and experimental, or just learn one on one. I believe for what you get, my solo charter rate is really a good deal. And Tim always does two days!

We fished in an Aquarium today. Had Tarpon all around us for a few hours, Manatees, schools of big Jack Crevalle, Sea Turtles, bait fish galore, Cow nosed Rays, and Redfish under us, and the water was so clean and clear we could see most of them!

The Tarpon? Well, we hoped for this years first hook up. But being one of the finickiest fish that swim for us here in N.E. Florida. I just keep on float rig fishing and if we hooked one I'll deal with it when it happens. We weren't "chum fishing" or anything. Just plain ole Float-rig fishing with light tackle. I love it!! And today Tim even broke in a new rod for me. They handled the big Reds great. (Broke in.....not Broke in half. That's a change....)

The Redfish? How many did ya want to catch? Tim and I, caught our fair share from 21" to 30 inches. Tim had his butt handed to him a few times and then would bask in the glory when another one came to the net.

Other catches included; Monster Ring-tailed Porgy, Lookdown, baby turtles, big Jack hook-ups that broke off, a Ladyfish and a 16" Mangrove Snapper .

It was W-I-L-D, (and hot as hell!) One of those days that just makes ya feel good to be seeing all this abundant life. After having days of dirty, dark, fresh water. With gamefish species swimming in it, a luxury. From all the rain we've had.

I'll let all the photos tell the rest of the story:

Doing it all over again on Thursday 6/11.....I hope.

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