Thursday, June 4, 2009

6/4 - here he goes again....being an "Alloyist"

Yep, every once in awhile I get a bone up my butt and start talking "welded Plate Alloy" here, again.

This is what ya'll would call "Aluminum"...doesn't look like it, huh?

I know, almost every single day at the boat ramp while waiting, then waiting some more for my people to show up, I get "That's the biggest aluminum boat I have ever seen, did ya buy that in Alaska??"

Floridians are so "out of it". This beast in the photo is built in Louisiana. Looks like a Contender crusher, huh?

Then there's this one, the 34' Rock Salt built in Texas.

Crusher? Yeah, with specs like this:
Max HP 1050
Min HP 600
Bottom ¼”
Sides ¼”
Transom ½”
5083 Grade Alloy

When was the last time you talked thickness of fiberglass with your boat dealer??

So, the point is... so called "aluminum" boats don't have to look like this green one.

Which "we" call Tinnies. Because they are built out of thin low grade riveted alloys usually reserved for just light freshwater use.

The next time you see one of these coming up behind you, think to yourself, "Why don't they use Boston Whalers, anymore?"

Yep, the U.S.C.G. uses nothing but Welded Plate Alloy high speed designed boats from now on. I believe they have about 10 of them in Mayport, alone.

And as a tax payer, the real killer is they are about $350,000.00 PLUS each. That's serious deficit Zero's there, times hundreds or thousands across the country and US territories.

So when you see me at the dock, you can be rest assured I'm not the owner of a luxurious chick magnet, but they are out there. PAINT.....that's what really does the cloaking. If I was sitting at the dock and was stark glaring white in color, most folks would never even notice me. Paint means maintenance. I don't want maintenance!
That's why I own the boat I do. I don't even have to wash it off after a days fishing, if I don't want too. I use no polish, no cleaners, no nothing. But I do wash her off. Because I don't want my gal to smell.
If a 19 foot 1980's version of my boat, was on a mooring floating in a cove along the coast of Maine all summer long, and was picking oysters all day long during the season. Doesn't get washed off with soap and fresh water, I believe my boat lives in the lap of luxury.

Here's the example:

From Texas to New Zealand, Alaska to Southern Baja Mexico, Canada to Iceland, there's some of the most killer Welded Plate Alloy boats out there in more styles than you can image.
And the owners reside here, to talk and share:

- owner customizable is the norm
- more fuel efficient
- less Horse Power needed
- less "truck" needed as a tow vehicle
- way tougher than Fiberglass
- Less physical maintenance
- Better re-sale value
- Safer from punctures and sinking
- Floats higher than F'glass
- Less draft

SEE YA AT THE DOCK...... I'll be sitting there watching the boat ramp follies, waiting on my customers.

For all those people who say "there is no such thing as the perfect boat"...I disagree. I have one!

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