Wednesday, July 1, 2009

7/1 - Good Customers, come year after year....

Had Greg T. and family out today.....three kids and two adults, 1/2 day. Greg comes to Amelia Island every year about this time. And since his boy was 5 we've been going fishing before or after the 4th of July Holiday.

Here's a photo of a few years ago, when Will was just a begginer.

Then, the next year when he was reaching big game angler status:

So this year he was the Veteran on board. But had to share the bites with his Lil' brother and cousin. So I decided instead of float-rig fishing, we'd do some bottom bumping in the river, keeping it close to maximize our fishing time. And it really worked out.

From Black Drum to Croakers, Mangrove Snappers, Speckled Trout and a 29 inch Redbass. The boys pulled on fish for most of the 1/2 day trip.

A good time was had by all, with fresh fish dinner on ice. And I just can't imagine
what will happen in a few more years.

Blacktip Sharks behind the shrimp boats??

Thanks again Greg, nice seeing you again.

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