Wednesday, July 8, 2009

7/7 & 8 - GOT WET?

Had a charter booked for Tuesday. Weather looked windy and kinda nasty. Since the weather was windy and kinda nasty on Monday when I was out with Brian and Bob.

So we rescheduled for today. I was at B&M bait and tackle at 6am, and here came the rain, black skies and nastiness.

Rescheduled for Thursday. This better be it! Because I have a charter on Friday, so there's no more room to move it again, for a weekday trip.

I'm finally seeing sun out my window as I write this and it's now 2pm.

Stayed real busy hunting up a replacement for my broke Ugly Stik Inter coastal rod that blew up last week. Had to drive to St. Augustine this morning (since I had new found time to do so) and get a replacement down there and a spare. I love these rods for bottom fishing for my customers. They're tough, strong and have a gimbal butt, and only 6'6" so the kids can handle them too. Shorter rods are better for people less that 5 feet tall......LOL, LOL.............funny stuff huh?

Just got off the phone with Chip Davis. He used to fish all the Redfish tournaments around here, and did very well. He owns a Dicks Wings restaurant and asked if I'd come do a fishin' seminar on Float rig fishing, because he even wants to know more about it. He said his casting arm is wore out!

So this is the official announcement.
And like a good angler, planning is everything, right?? So here's enough "heads-up" time for you to plan to attend, if you'd like and are not worn out from all the Kingfish activity.

If you like to relax anchor on up and stay close and fish the river, then come on over to Dicks Wings; July 28th at 7:00 pm.

Here's a Google map page for where it's at:,0,13696242912456310217&ei=zttUSruHD9y_twed2O2tCA&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1
Chip wants me to bring the "Jettywolf" with me and I can do that. So look for the big Silver Center Console....."what do people say to me all the time", Oh that's right..."Man, dats the biggest aluminum boat I've eva seen?" Or better yet, " is that boat stainless steel?"

More funny stuff. But, that's another subject.

So if your into learning some more about local fishing, then come on by Dicks Wings on Beach Blvd. at 7pm July 28th.

Topic of discussion. St. Johns River Float-rig fishing, tackle, how-to, fish species, what to look for, boat anchoring, and LOTS of stories and fishing tales. I've got plenty!!

Hope to see ya'll there!

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