Wednesday, July 15, 2009

9/14 - Just not enough action

Had George and Peter back aboard today. The game plane was to go after Sharks and or Tarpon. Ran the shrimp boats right off the bat, ZERO. Then eventually caught a small "whatever" shark.
Then a buddy called me and said,

"Dave the Pogies are thick, all along Hanna Park."

We ran south and got Pogies on a scattered pod, filling a fish basket full. Then ran a bit further south and there was my friend Mike. Hooked up to a Tarpon already. We drifted the pogie pods (acres) and had Tarpon occasionally rolling the surface around us. I tried the bottom, the top, chumming, and not chumming. How the hell can you get 3-4 Tarpon's attention when the baits so thick. I don't know, but Mike was slow trolling the outsides of the Pogie pods with his trolling motor. We were engine off drifting through the pods.

We caught a few more sharks. Certainly not the 100 pounders I was wanting. So after hours of drifting around the Pogie pods with no big Sharks or Tarpon, we went back to the jetties.

The tide was almost high. So we fished the inside of the jetty. The tide was pretty high and the current pretty good as the sea breeze kicked up. At this point there wasn't much else to do or places to go, so we stuck out a near nonexistent fishery during this time of day at the inlet.

But did manage a 19-1/2 inch Redbass. And many lost sinkers and rigs in the jetty rocks.

So been there, done that....won't be doing it again. I may go and do some Kingfishing on the reefs. But I'll be hanging up my beach Shark and Tarpon, search. I just don't have the patience.

It's official, barring any weather problems I will be heading to Venice, Louisiana for a week starting AUGUST 23rd. The mother-land....where the limit on Trout is 25 per person because they have that many Trout. Oil rig structure, and the Mississippi River providing fresh water 24/7 is the difference between here and there. Plus it's the Gulf of Mexico. A totally different animal then the Atlantic.........THEY CATCH LIMITS OF SPECKLED TROUT ALL SUMMER LONG IN THE HEAT!

Remember to come on by Dicks Wings & Grill, Beach Blvd at San Pablo rd. (next to old Walmart in shopping center) July 28th @ 7pm where the talk won't be Kingfish, but rather a seminar on, all you need to know about Float-rig fishing and probably more that ya want to know about Float-rig fishing. I'll be there to answer your questions, show you my rigs and we'll talk shop.

Here's a reminder of the why and how.......

I'd like to thank Jim Sutton of the Florida Times Union newspaper for the great article in the Sunday (12/21) "outdoors" section of the paper."ya just won't believe how long that article, or our day on the water took, to get right."

If you didn't see or read it, Jim pretty much hit the nail on the head! And damn we caught some seriously fine "jetty" specks that day. All in one spot! Many of my tackle secrets are out'a the bag, now......but, I still have a few things (tackle items) that I've kept to myself.

Already getting emails about the Salmon Stalker Floats, too. I guess that will be good for Premier Plastics Inc. But not me...they don't do anything for me. (Best place to purchase is Cabela's.)

One thing that he or we didn't touch on is that when you see someone like myself wackin the fatties along the rocks, breaking out your poppin' cork, or Cajun Thunder thing, isn't going to be the same.

We have a saying on my boat;


(these are not float-rigs!!)

Were referring to people in other boats, that may think that's it's all about some kind of float.When it really has to do with "where" your bait is, depth wise.I love the float-rig because my people can fish the rocks and not be hung up every two seconds.And they don't have to feel a bite, all they have to do is not see their float any longer and just reel, and they'll have the fish. Be it a Redbass, Trout, Sheepshead, or whatever.I'm not a trolling motor kinda guy either....I'm an "ANCHORER" .

Back when I had three boats at one time (aptly named: "my 3 wives") I did the trolling motor deal up and down the jetty rocks. And it was quite tiring. So I went back to the basics, when I gave all that up. "I always loved fishing my cork."

This nice lady from California never ever caught a fish before let alone handled any fishing tackle...

But the float-rig enabled her to do some whoop-ass, at the jetties!

One thing that Jim said in the article that's oh so true is...


That's why you should come on by Dicks Wings and Grill on July 28th at 7pm.

Here's Jim's article: "JUST DON'T CALL IT A BOBBER"


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