Monday, July 27, 2009

Why I Iove 'em, while trying to understand them.

Friend and "fellow Trout Tracker" DOA Rob, has a friend Greg that was down in Guana Lake the other day. Greg saw a little commotion on the surface of the water, so he went over to investigate.

And found this Trout, which turned out to be 7 - 1/2 pounds, with a mullet stuck in it's throat. The Trout was barely alive, and the mullet had been stuck in it's throat for awhile Greg said, because the "forward" half was a bit decomposed. But the mullet still weighed in at a 1/2 pound.

Gator's, Hawgs, whatever you call'em, big Trout provided stories and proof like this from time to time. The photo isn't all that great, but you can see the tail of the mullet sticking out this fat trout's mouth.

(Greg also said the nasty green algae at Guana's 6-mile boat ramp was so thick he had to "row" his jon-boat threw it)

Had lunch with DOA Rob today, and we both agreed that it's a real rarity to catch any Trout around here on a bait that large. I told Rob, "I've used small live pogies, pilchards, mullet and Croaker, all less that 6 inches, and can count on one hand how many Trout I've caught. But then use a live shrimp and BAMMMM........I'll then catch that GATOR Trout."

Rob pretty much agreed with me and has had similar experiences.

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