Friday, August 14, 2009

8/14 - Almost one year ago......

Remember Tropical Storm Fay? Or "Faye" as some spelled it.
It was last year, NEXT WEEK.

Myself and DOA Rob went out the first day afterwards that was calm enough and not raining and I caught my largest Redbass to date; 50-55 pounds.

Tropical Storm Fay was a real belly washer and from there on out the season basically began.
The "fall'ish" season I mean.

The Reds were about everywhere, and so was the bait.....CROAKERS. Yep, that's what I used,. them and cut Ladyfish (cuts down the population of the slimey pun intended, hahahahahahah)

I read these stupid reports about going and catching 175 Croakers, as if that's some kind of super charter fishing day. Yeah, who's cleaning all them damn things. It's not like they are 15 inches a piece. Your guide isn't.

That's all fine and dandy for some, but I'll catch my larger Croakers on the float-rig and a live shrimp, like I usually do. And be happy with 5-10 big ones up to 17", then move on.

Because all the waiting thru the 99 degree temps, scrounging and putting together new tackle all summer long, is all for the preparation of SEPTEMBER.

The days are shorter, we've usually had some significant storms, the water's cooling off and it's all about.....

The first week of last September Paul M. from New England caught this beautiful 6-1/2 pound Trout.

We're loosing basically a minute a day of daylight. Wish I could speed that up a bit and make fall get here even sooner.

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