Thursday, August 20, 2009

8/20 - you think aluminum is odd?

Yeah, it's years later now, but I still get looks, stares and stupid human comments about having an alloy plate boat. The only real reason is because mine isn't painted.

Well, over on my other site. ( we had a member post a really serious fishing machine, sitting in Biloxi, Miss. Currently docked outside the Palace Casino.

Trinity yachts supposedly has them lined up to be built. Yeah, aluminum boats!!

That's if you really want to call these boats, at 122 feet long with a 24 foot beam!!

And it's all aluminum...go figure, huh? So when you think I'm some sort of odd-ball, think again. Or the next time you see a maga-yacht come in the St. Johns River.....think again.

Just because it's painted. You may be fooled.

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