Thursday, August 27, 2009

8/26 - CHAPTER 2, w/ Kirk, in from Peru

Okay, if you read the report proceeding this one. You learned that Kirk M. and I have fished alot together. And he's back in Jax, for a few days from Peru. let's get to the meat and potato's of our second day together on the big St. Johns.

Okay, this gets really good.

By 11:00am Kirk and I are out of shrimp, we have 2 limits of trout to 4 pounds, 2- Reds, 18-21", two Flounder, and two Mangrove Snappers.......IN THE COOLER. And caught a bunch of throw back trout too. I MEAN A LOT, of throw back Trout!!!

There was no sun anyhow, it was on & off windy and overcast all morning long. Felt great actually.

Kirk ain't here to play games. He fishes 12 hrs or that isn't called a fishing day. He just isn't farking around!! He wants to fish, period!
The weather is what "we" call PERFECT. And that's why we were ripping the fish!!! They put on a serious feed bag before the blow coming on Thursday/Friday.
We go back to the dock. We unload all of our fish, Kirk takes them home. And he them stops by the bait shop and comes back to the boat with 15 dozen live shrimp!!!!

I told ya, he ain't messing around.
I believe we're gonna do a second trip of the day?

So we leave the dock for the second time. After purchasing 27 dozen shrimp.
So back to where we left off. But now, with a different tide. But it didn't matter. The fish were chewing the bottom of the boat. We stopped at 2 spots and had our limit of Speckled Trout already and no less that 30-40 throw-backs.

They're heading my way. Towards the EAST!

I'll give ya'll a hint. When I see small shrimp boats dragging the river. That's where I fish.

We slam-dunked another 2 person limit. with Trout up to 3 pounds. Picked off another Flounder, lost a Flounder, and I caught a exact 27 inch Redbass on a jig and Creme Litl' Fishie, soft plastic lure.

Toss in a few more Mangroves and we were soon out of 15 doz. of our afternoon bait.

We easily caught a HUNDRED or more Trout today, between Kirk and I on our two different trips, today. No kidding! And I arrived at home well after dark.

I almost felt as if I was in Louisiana. (where I was supposed to be this week anyhow)
Was today and omen or something? Was the Speckled Trout gods shining on Kirk and I, knowing that he's been stuck in Lima Peru. Where he can't fish. And I was supposed to be over in Louisiana slaughtering Trout and Reds right now.

I have to admit, when the suns shining, the winds calm, there's no chance of rain and it's June through September. That those days ARE NOT my favorite days to be out fishing.

Because everyone else is out also. And I always do better on a day when the weather's a bit off. We usually refer to it as a Barometric pressure change in the fishing world. And I believe we had it today, for sure.

Thanks Kirk.
I'm sure this won't be the last time we "wack'em and stack'em", as usual.

See ya soon, and take care buddy.
KIRK'S ROCK, next time? (and that's another story, hahahahahaha)

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