Monday, August 3, 2009

8/3 - No sooner ya turn around......

No sooner ya turn around and it's August!!

Wow, I'm glad days fly by in the summer. Because it's all that shorter of a wait till winter. And I can tell ya right now. I'm ready for shorter days, cooler temps, and BIG FAT TROUT at the jetties.

But, I can not go through a summer without sharing with you a Poem my dad wrote back on December 19, 1992, when I used to troll offshore. The poem is all about a "N.E. Florida summer routine".

I can tell ya honestly I was always a better "dead" bait guy. My dad may have done this Pogie Poem, but I lived by the saying "a 5 pound box of frozen cigar minnows, don't leave the dock without them".

Here ya go.....

Pogie Heaven by Don Sipler

Around the end of the rocks we raced

Back to the beach, warm air in our face.

In the distance we saw the birds fly

we scanned the surface with a keen eye.

There they are! First one then many, other boats are coming, quick get

They're in front of us! So throw it straight.

A good cast yielded a bounty of bait.

We turned the boat slowly to the open sea.

Happy the Pogies were where we wanted them to be.......

I believe this said it all.

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