Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9/1 - George's Hunt for Big Fish

George M. has fished with me several times. All in the hunt for "BIG FISH". His biggest Redbass was around 15 pounds prior to today, from back in the spring. We've tried Tarpon and Shark fishing, caught no Tarpon, but did catch sharks...."just not the super big ones, that I wanted".

So with the Reds starting to fire up in the river, we gave it a try on a quickly deteriorating day, that started out really nice. But as you can see, got nastier as the day went on. That's okay. Because we actually avoided the weather, as the storms passed all around us.

At one point it was raining about 500 yards in front of us, lightning a few miles from us. And all we received was a very light sprinkle that cooled us off nicely.

George wanted to at least double his "best" Redbass, and he did. The "RB's" ranged from 22 pounds to 30 pounds.

The big Reds out in the deep water are something.....But one about 33" hooked up on really light tackle, on a 15# light leader, and a tiny hook burning down the knife edge encrusted jetty rocks is really a thrill. So keep practicing George!

Solo, personal, private, "one-on-one" charters are reasonably priced for the avid angler. As you can see in the last few reports here on my blog. Many of these trips, set personal records for the anglers as well as records for even my boat. It's two guys, on the hunt!!

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