Thursday, October 15, 2009

10/14 - Where, when and how

From the pages of my daily log book, straight to you....

You may have noticed that I'm sort of keeping track of when my Trout friends show up EAST of the boat ramp. Sort of? Hell, I'm gonna break out the "highlighter" and circle that day. So I was lying when I said, sort of.

As Anglers, we don't have much to go on other than seat of our pants gut feelings, or last years notes, or like here, "when someone tells you about a bite going on".

Either way, I keep last years Florida Sportsman Fishing Planner on my desk. So I can look back and see trends. And the differences from year to year. Because I keep relatively good notes on things that interest me.

I split areas up into sections in my mind, you may too. And when I mark down "Mayport ____"

Meaning as example "Mayport Reds", "Mayport Trout" etc. it means within sight of the boat ramp/shrimp boats etc.

Well, last year on October 9th, I have a big red circle around that date with a note saying "Mayport Trout"........yeah 40 of them off one spot!!!!!

Now not to give away the whole farm. I've been there, and NOT done that yet in the same area.

Key word: YET!

Then, I was out on a nasty blustery day in 2008 (have ya noticed we haven't had many of those "yet" this October??) I had out John C. and his lovely wife in and the two of them tore the Trout up. That's probably why it hasn't happened yet, this year (?) Because we haven't had that really nasty weather just yet.

This is just an example, of course. But from around Oct. 9th on, it was GAME on in Mayport.
Especially for my Trout friends.
These are the kinds of trends I track. And I don't care what other's might say or report. I go by what happens on my boat!

Don't know if any of you regular readers ever go back and look at the "archive" pages here. But if your out to learn something, like tracking a species, the when and whys and seasonal patterns of our fish. It behoves you to get to know the archives list.
I get emails asking me those same questions. And of course I actually do all this typing for prospective customers. But they don't seem to take the time to look at it, or use the archived months of reports. I would.
So what I do, is steer people to them instead.
Believe me, if I was looking for a charter guide.
I'd want to know what he can do for me, and what's his track record during the time frame in which I want to fish.

THAT'S THE REAL REASON I DO THESE REPORTS. It takes lots of extra effort, but I want people (customers) to see what's biting and when.

See ya out there.

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