Thursday, October 29, 2009

10/27- this October??

You'd never know it was the end of October on the last two days I fished. It was warm, to almost hot. And I felt as if I was going Trout fishing in July instead of October. Because the bite was slow. The wind on Tueday kickin us around, and the fishing labor intensive, no matter if we float-rig fished, or looked for big Reds on the bottom.


Had George M. on board again this week, with his friend Tom. We worked the falling tide as hard as we could. George is getting super comfortable with the baitcasting reels and float-rig and Tom picked it up real fast as if he'd been doing it all his life. So it wasn't from a lack of trying, that we went hours, before putting a good fish in the box. But when we did. They were outstanding size Trout, 17-20 inches every one. The bite on one spot was so good, it started to remind me of a real fall day, when limits could be caught with in minutes.

I told the guys, "stay on 'em", you just don't know when they'll quit. And as soon as the tide went almost dead, and the wind came around blowing across the spot. The bite ended as fast as it started. So I adjusted ourt anchor position, but it didn't matter. That was it! They were gone.

I played round up and down the river all morning. Looking at different spots. This bite of Trout wasn't till noon. Earlier, we tried some good trout areas with out much as a "sniff", and even tried to get Tom a big Redbass.

So, after these Trout quit. I ran back down river and got in a spot that's not as windy and we went back to the bottom, fishing big shrimp and cut Croakers, looking fror that monster Red.

And that didn't work. We did stop and had to wait for the tide change, which was like waiting for grass to grow. And caught some Yellowmouth Trout.

Don't know other than maybe the tides is why it was so tough of a day. But, all I know is I'm ready for less of this hot weather. Wind? That's part of winter fishing, I can deal with that.

But an endless summer? Naw, I'm seriously ready for a change. I believe, this was my second trip where I wanted to hit the jetties. But didn't because of the high winds. The last day I made it to where I want to fish out there was back on 10/7 .

We ended up with two bags of fillets for the guys for a Trout Fry. The healthy size of the Specks made for some mighty fine eating.

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