Thursday, November 19, 2009

11/19 - F-O-G, means oh so F-I-N-E!

I rolled out of the sack around 6am, then hit the bait shop with a cup o' joe. And was so surprised by how many people were pulling into the parking lot....IT'S THURSDAY!!!!! What the hell, I thought after watching one friend after another head for the boat ramp.  I thought, I was the only one that didn't have a job today?

So, I went home got the JETTYWOLF and was back at the bait shop in 10 minutes, baited up and at the boat ramp around 8:15am.  There's nothing like living so close that with just a whim, I can just go fishing.

(I call it "LIFE PLANNED". I waited and waited, and when the time was right, I sold my old house and made a move down the road to my new house....just because I'd be closer to the boat ramp!! By 3 miles.)

I was anchored up at 8:30am and fishin'. And they were CHEWIN'. Because by 10:15am I had my Speckled Trout limit (5), and Yellowmouth Trout limit (4). Size? All super nice fish...I had about 4-5 that were questionable, so I released them.

Let me tell ya something. This wasn't fishin' was CATCHIN'.

If you know me. You know this is all I live for. If you don't know me, you ask me questions like, "so, ya fishin for them sheepshead, Capt Dave?" It's one of those things that just bust my gut, each and every year.  No one, ever asks me, "how's the Speckled Trout biting?" I find it so funny.

The fog as I left the boat ramp was thick, real thick. And I love it! 99.99% of the time, when we have fog this time of year, it's time to put on a Trout fishing clinic. And start filling the box, with tastey, easy to clean, predator fish. That will always roll in the Zaterains fish fry mix, and then hit a small pool of Olive oil till crispy brown in a hot pan. Not long after they're caught, if I have anything to do with it.

So after I boxed my limits. I had momma in mind so I needed to catch her and pop a nice Red or Sheepshead, or Black Drum. So I made a move, to happier catchin grounds.

I pulled up on a spot that's normally a super Trout spot. The tide was just starting to fall. But instead of Float-rig fishing I decided to try a jig-n-shrimp combo meal. And just cast, because as I approached the spot I noticed something I have never seen before. A steep underwater bank with a 10 foot hole, right next to the bank. Within 10' of the bank, the drop off was so interesting I just had to work it with a jig first, no matter what.

I started casting and letting my 3/8's oz. jig sink to the bottom. At first, it was bait stealers galore, because there wasn't much current. But within 30 minutes, the current started pouring over the spot and I was hooked up with one 20" Trout after another! It was wild, they would grab the Jig/shrimp on the fall. And swim toward the boat. These Trout were larger than the last spot. I released them of course and kept at it.

Then, came a nice Sheepie. And right after that came my perfect, 27" Redbass.

So I got what I came for, and I was happy as any angler could be. Angler = target a species = catch the species. So I pulled anchor and headed back to the boat ramp and cleaned my catch and was home eating my catch for supper, by 4pm.

Where were you?  Who knows....but I'm going with or without ya. Because, I live for days like this, weather like this, and FOG like this.

I talked to one fella who said, "I thought it was gonna get nice, and maybe warm....."

I said, "Ya kiddin me? This is perfect weather! This was a perfect so called winter day in J-ville. I love it!"    

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Capt. Dave Sipler said...

Dang those fish tasted goooood!