Saturday, November 7, 2009

11/7 - Same Wind?

I did a Burial at Sea, with some folks from Texas at 4:00 today. I was early, and sat at the boat ramp dock waiting on them. And was not shocked, but amazed how the wind can blow from the same direction for days on end.

One of my passengers was a 90 year old man, that when I'm 90 years old, I hope I'm as sprightly as he is.

As the damn Air show winded down, loads of large boats came in from the Ocean, I guess. Wakes in the river at the boat ramp made it a real mess. As the N.E. wind blew against the falling late day tide.

Needless to say as I approached the tip of the north Jetty, the swell kept growing. And one of my passengers said, "we're good right here Dave". So I turned around and held position at way above idle speed, so they could say a prayer and scatter the ashes, and drop a few flowers.

I try to get out no less to the second set of buoys, normally. Or on days like this make my way across the river and hide up behind the south Jetty.

But they had enough, and saw enough I suppose. Which it was a shame because of the seas and winds, that I couldn't make it out with them further into the "sea".

Looks like all next week is going to be N.E. or due East winds. Not making the "JETTYWOLF" boat very happy.....she wants to head east of the boat ramp.

I'll know a whole lot more. Because I have a K.O.D. charter on Sunday, (aka: incoming tide all day long with a stiff N.E. wind equals, Kiss of Death; hence the K.O.D. ) The nick name for these conditions came to me one day as I had bunch of faces looking at me, speaking without saying a word...."where's the fish, Capt Dave?"

So, it'll be a challenge for me, I'm sure. And I have no clue to the fishing abilities of the 3 crew members aboard.

So, how many of ya'll still want my job?

Yeah I thought so...I'll swap ya, in July at 9am when it's already 98 degrees. And we haven't even seen a Pogie flip the surface yet, and we're already 12 miles down the beach. While your office A/C kicks into high gear.

Damn, I love this time of year, though....even if the wind blows 20 knots from the East or Northeast every single day. Only thing I do miss, is all the tiny bikini's, everywhere

The talking heads on the local news say,"its gonna be a Beautiful Weekend!"

I guess they're just talking to people watching Football on the tube, that the wind doesn't effect.

Except the wind these couch potato's are passing.

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