Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12/14-15 - Fog and transport

Was the Monday the 14th foggy or what?  But it sure was nice, though. I'll spare you...because many times I take photos of the fog, why? I don't know. But you can take it from me. It was plenty foggy. I sat being waked by one lost or bank hugging individual in a boat every 3 minutes. I guess not everyone has a chart plotter and can see where they're at via GPS.

And the bite? What do you think it was like after Saturday's weather trio of 18 hrs of rain, 20 knot winds from the east, and cold?

OFF...yep. The bite actually was one 14 inch Trout after another on a few spots. And completely NIL & VOID on others. Right where they were stacked up like cord wood, just days before. I tried and tried to get something going all day long. But out of at least 30 Specks, I had 3 keepers.

I said I was going, with or without someone. I would have tried something completely different when I saw what this trout bite was gonna be like. I never went to the jetties all day. Till the very end. And then I fished a part of the jetties that hardly gets fished. Just so I didn't get waked every few minutes.

I decided to toss a 1/4 oz. DOA shrimp ( I love the new #24 color) into the jetty rocks a few times. And what did I catch?????

M-o-r-e.....14 inch Trout, of course. Hey, it was working. So I stayed at it, and felt the tick-tick of a bite, and I set the hook. I got a screaming run. And then the throb, throb on my rod that could only mean one thing.


Can ya believe that? A Jack Crevalle, I thought these dudes were long gone. I guess like herds of Wildebeests, there's always stragglers. And I caught one?

It was about a 4 pounder. Then I caught a Flounder on a tight-line rig with a live shrimp. Then, more small Specks. And then finally caught a 15 incher. Whoopeee.....I now have 3 trout in the box!!!

I picked up my casting rod with the DOA shrimp on it again and started making some casts into a pocket in the rocks when I hooked an absolute monster of a fish. It ran down the jetties and then turned and ran into the jetties, I reeled, I pulled and literally couldn't come close to controlling the fish, when it popped my brand new DOA shrimp right off the light leader.

What was this monster? Well, I didn't fall off the Turnip truck last night. Number one is was super fast, and number two it made wild turns. MY GUESS: A huge Jack Crevalle.  Huge as in 15 pound class?

Well, that's when I bagged the day and went back to clean my 3 Trout, one Flounder, and I even had a 15 inch Whiting I almost forgot about.

Today, Tuesday the 15th DOA Rob and a kayaker friend of his went out in his friends boat and float-rigged all day. They caught fish. But the day was still lacking compared to what we're used too.

I worked all day as a transport boat for the construction companies that will be repairing the Sisters Creek bridge. This was my second time helping these guys out, with my big metal, who cares about concrete pilings boat. Yep, the choice to go welded "alloy plate" sure has it's advantages. Tougher-Lighter-Carries more weight-and is simply the best boat building material. 

Next up:
Saturday - 4 passengers.


-ya ever think that after two BEAUTIFUL DAYS IN A ROW, that someone could pick a day like today every once in awhile?
Maybe, Deja Vu  of last Saturday... LAST SATURDAYS REPORT
But with 5 of us aboard!
I can't catch a single break.

Ya still want my J-O-B?

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