Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12/2 - I FOUND ABT.

After a search around town, via the phone numbers in my cell phone I found a Florida Sportsman 2010 Tide Planner. After one quick call to Carmen over at ARLINGTON BAIT AND TACKLE, confirmed the availibility of the book, I was hunting for.


And boy, it sure was nice talking to Carmen again. I told her, "Hang on...I'll be right there to come get it." But she stopped me quickly and said, "Now Dave, we're in a new store. Over in the Town & Country shopping center at University and Arlington Xpressway." "Wow", I said. Being that it's been a very long time since I've even been on University Blvd.

Carmen & Bill of "ABT" were sponsors of my Saturday morning radio show when Pelican and I were on ESPN 1460, years ago. And to chat with them is to quickly like them both. Carmen will likely be the most bubblie gal in a bait shop, you'll ever meet. And as usual, when I went to pick up the F.S. Tide Planner I was there for hours, talking to Carmen and Bill.

The new store is just only a month or so old. And it's NOT going to be your average bait shop. Carmen is going to make her sandwiches!! Besides being a full service tackle shop, with every concievable plug, soft bait and hook. They have rods and a impressive selection of reels. The new store has a "sitting room", that will be utilized as an area to just relax and BS and will also work as a future seminar room. They also have a full blown kitchen. So before, after, or during your fishing day, you'll be able to enjoy one of Carmen's special sandwiches..."Empanada's", mmmmmm.....
And as Bill put it, "they'll be just like home made. You'll bite into them and stuff's gonna fall out of them!"  

( Fishin' sometimes the best laid plans get a bit fuzzy. This is a cell phone photo of Carmen and her new shop, that I attempted to take.)

My new motto you'll be reading here, after turning up the volume and intently watching President Obama's message on TV last night, is a very old one we just don't hear enough of anymore.

We have to patronize our local neighborhood establishments, and Fishing guides too, don't forget! They're the fabric of our town, and our local fishing communitee.

I hope you will go on over to ABT the next time you need some fishing equipment, live-dead bait, a home made sandwich, for your fishing trip. Or just to have a good ole time chatting with Carmen and Bill. Remember, when the local barber shop was the place to meet all your freinds? Well, that barber shop is a "bait shop" for us fisherman.

ABT is located just down the street from Arlington road boat ramp, and the Lion's Club boat ramp north of Ft. Caroline rd. on University Blvd North, past J.U.

Presently, they have two more Florida Sportsman Tide Planners left.  (Carmen said a quick order of one is not a problem either.)

They make great stocking stuffers.

Tell 'em Capt Dave sent ya. And you'll be in there for awhile, if you're anything like me.

There's plenty of parking, plus you can pull up behind the shop too, to load up a baitwell easily with live bait. The store is located in the "court yard area" of the Town & Country Shopping Center.

The phone number is: 743-3200
983 University Blvd. N.
Jacksonville, Fl. 32211

1 comment: said...

It was a real pleasure talking with you to.
The young man that came into my store while you were there was also impressed with you. he really learned alot in the hours of talking with you. This is why i can't wait to finish getting the shop together so that our customers can benifit from the knowledge Capts. like you and others have to offer young impressionable teens who want to learn about fishing and stay off the streets. I really feel that if we can help one young person get into learning about fishing they will never go hungry. and therefore go fishing instead of comitting a crime to feed themselves or a family member. especially when they come from a single parent home and the one parent works hard to provide.I have alot of those young men in our area who need guidance to learn to stay out of trouble. My rule is you can come to the store hang out if you want to learn; but do not take anything without paying for it that is stealing i will not tolorated thieves and they will not be allowed back in the store. if they can't afford it I try to give them soft plastics to use. Molding our young is a must. that young man used to come into my store by himself since he was 6 yrs. old and is still an avid angler eager to learn and is a great kid.
Thanks for taking the time to talk with him you were great