Friday, December 4, 2009

12/4 - Rain??? Ba-hum-bug!!!

Yeah, like I'm gonna go with what the weather man says.... No, Dave goes by what Dave says!! And Dave's usually right. Sure the forecast called for rain and turning much colder. But I knew it was going to be a good looking morning. "So why not go." I called Dr. Dick. He was out yesterday and did well. And was easily talked into going again.

So around 8:00am we departed. We knew just where to go, too.

It was chilly. But not like we weren't dressed for it. People who are #1 unprepared and #2 are whimpy, are the people that don't want to, catch any fish....RIGHT NOW.

And again, NO you're not doing what we did this morning in the summer. IT'S NOW....WHEN IT'S WINTER, IS WHEN IT'S GO-TIME!

Actually the bite was a tad slow. Boxing some small to medium size yellermouths, right off. But as the tide got better so did the bites and so did the Speckled Trout.

So, we went back and forth between the two kinds of Trout. Filling the cooler, with what I call "Fishing Guides subsistance fish". Because "WE" have to eat too.
Then the Specks got alot better as we fished. NOW, we're talking my kind of fishing!

Let's talk a solid 6 pounder!! Yeah, one that'll feed this poor "Indian" for a couple meals. "Chief Wacka'trouta", that's who I was. Hooked up to a drag burning, side winding, beautiful Trout. And I needed it, too.

Our tide went dead eventually, so we moved on to happier hunting grounds. But not really, because the tide was slack there too. But Dick nailed another Speck as I tried for a Big RB or Sheepshead while tight-lining a live shrimp.

Then, finally the drizzle of rain started. What the heck, let's call it a day. So we went on back and filled two big ole bags full of prime Trout fillets.

Let's see.....we fished only 2-spots. About 2 miles from the boat ramp. Filled 2 bags full of skinned, deboned and filleted fish. And I was home before 2pm.

Let me ask, YOU. Do you think it gets much better than that, here in N.E. Florida?

Well, I'm here to tell you........IT DOESN'T.

CALL: 904-642-9546 to book your private light tackle charter. Dress per the weather, and have the frying pan ready in "go" mode, waiting at home.

- Let's review.

The last time I was out with Dick, he caught a "tailess" 5 pounder. Then, I was out with D.O.A. Rob and he caught a pretty 4 pounder. Do you think I could have had you catching big Trout too? Yes, I could.

So, it was my turn.... As a veteran member of the fishing guide tribe of Jacksonville, big Trout like this sure come in handy.

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