Friday, January 1, 2010

1/1/2010 - New Years at B&M

It rained, it was a bit chilly, but real fisherman don't let a lil' weather stop a good party. It was the B&M bait and tackle New Years Day party, today. Always a good time, always so much great food.

If you missed it, it maybe because you didn't know. "Or ya just decided, it was too nasty to venture from out of the house?" 

(each year I do a post here about the B&M party.)

I certainly don't know of any other bait shop in the area that puts on such a Holiday spread, for friends, customers. Proprietor of B&M Rusty Borthwick, and chief fish fryer, served up fried Grouper, Snapper, and Seabass he saved from bottom fishing trips, and many other people brought brought covered dishes, which included stews, pulled pork, beans, briscuit, cookies, you name it. It was all good!

Today, because of the weather the shop was the center of the party, where as the parking lot or boat yard in years past has housed the 50-100 people that usually make their way by, during the day. Rusty & the crew set up a few tents just outside the door today. Since the drizzle early this morning threatened to dig in. But about 2pm all cleared up, and even the sun poked out of the clouds for awhile.

I always enjoy the B&M party, because it's about the only "party" I attend, or will attend, all year. It's at my bait shop, so it's like just another day at the office, kind of. With more people and good food.

I'd like thank the folks at B&M for having such a great "tradition". They (the powers that be) might be trying their best to take our fishing rights away constantly. But they can't take away our local traditions and camaradiere.

(3 of 4 photos C/O: Stephanie C.)

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