Friday, February 12, 2010

2/12 - Mixin' it up a bit...

I've added a few things to the ole blog lately. Ya know, along the right side bar space. Which by the way seems endless. I remember when I had maybe two items along the side of these pages....

First is the new forum. Jax. Trout Trackers. A forum for the fisherman who wants to learn more about Jax Trout fishing, share reports with others, post questions, answer questions. And have a general chat with other local, Trout Trackers.

I put together JAX TROUT TRACKERS for YOU. Of course I'm on it, but it's for you my blog readers, clients, friends and those people I didn't even know were blog readers till we bumped into eachother at the Sisters Creek and Mayport boat ramps, one day. "Ya'll know who you are." And if you like catching Trout and chasing those GATORS. It's for you.

Redfish have been done to death, catching a big ole Red in the river here, isn't all that difficult. But trackin' down those Giant Gator Trout..."now that's something that's easily a life long endeavour."  (took me over 20 years to catch my 1st, 10 pounder...)

I'm refering to each "member" as a, Team Member. Because you never know what may come out of all of this. You could simply meet new people. Networking is a powerful tool!

Secondly, I added a blog article that was written by a customer of mine who also has a Google Blog, just like this one. And his name is Dave, too. There's a link to his blog article he wrote with some really nice photos about the day he and two of his friends went with me. A stereo-typical late fall day, for me. A summer vacation for him. The article is kinda cool (pun) because it's about our day, through his eyes.  That's why I want you to read it.

Check out these two new items. Because nothing around here stays the same long. I'm always changing things up, shaking things up, and moving things around, per the seasons.

And, I appreciate each and every one of you coming by for a visit. There's lots to read out there on the world wide web, today. From hype to scientific fact, when it comes to fishing. But my approach is simple. Tell it the way I see it, and if you fish don't have to tell the perverbial "fish stories", because each day is a story on it's own.

But one thing is true, in 37 days it'll be the "First Day of Spring". And even though some varmit didn't see his shadow, here in Florida I'm not sure we go by all that "woodchuck" superstition, anyways.

Warmer, nicer days are coming. And I'm right there with ya, chomping at the bit waiting on it!

Think MARCH, and think about booking your trip early.
There is many reasons for doing so. To have me thinking about your day for a good while, is one of the benefits. I love a good plan.

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