Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3/30 - "Solo" Marathon Day

There's that ole saying......"3-4 days before the full moon, and three or four days after the full moon, is when ya want to fish around a full moon."

Well, if ya went through what I went through on Monday, you wouldn't have cared. I just had to go. So without thinking about it...I just went.

Because when ever I'm "stressed", I go fishing. And Monday was stressful. I had to go all the way to Gainesville, Fla. to the VA Hospital for a Prostrate Biopsy. Yeah, it was about 8 minutes of torture, but my day started at 7am and I didn't get home till 4:00pm. More stress could be in store for me. I'll find out in a few weeks what the out come will be.

So I had plans of Black Drum fishing. So I went to where it's been a Black Drum haven and since they don't bite till the tide slacks ( I wonder why they do that?) I had a bit of waiting around to do. I was early of course. Wanted to be on the spot, and ready for when that current slacked and have four fresh clam baits out. AGAIN, it was quite cold on the water. A stiff NW wind was blowing, against the morning incoming tide. But I was ready, for the moment when that full moon incoming tide took a breath and would fade.

Four lines out, and utilizing my TGT Rod-Riggers to hold two lines with my new'ish addition to my Ugly Stik collection, my 6'6" Charter Boat series, meat mover rods. Stiff as all hell, but that's okay. I'm using these for any weight needed to just hold bottom right below the boat. And I'm not considering this kind of fishing "sportfishing" anyhow. Just meat fishing, "fish get in the damn boat" fishing. Off the stern, was two lighter 6'6" Uglies, with lighter sinkers, for the fun of it fishing.  Can't wait to hook up this years first Shark on my new meat movers. Wondering who they'll beat-up, the angler or fish/shark more?

It took quite awhile for the tide to slack. I was on location around 8:30am and the tide didn't slow till at least after 10:00am. And like clock work, as soon as it did. I got bit. First fish ever on my new meat mover, a decent eater sized Black Drum. Sucked up a fresh clam bait. And since these rods have my Accurate Twin Drag reels on them, Mr. Drum was no match, at all. I just reeled the fish straight up to the boat from 43 feet below. Like I said, "there's NO sport fishing involved here....."

10 ounces holding right under the boat. My plan worked like a charm! Of course I could really use one of those VW sized Black Drum, also. But the lack of any being caught, keeps me in reality. I'll be happy with "eaters".

So as the tide slowed then sped up, slowed and sped up several times. I pinned on a blue crab and sent it down on one of the heavy rods. It got pounded after soaking for around 15 mintes. But what ever took it, took the crab, and missed the hook. It felt as if I had the fish at first. But the rod throbbing for a minute or so had me thinking what ever it was, had a problem eating the whole crab. I sometimes fish the entire crab. I just break-off the points on the shell and poke a few holes through the top and hook it on. A big Redbass usually has zero problems taking a whole crab. But I fish them whole if the Crab is dead and would wash out really fast if I popped it's top.

That's about the extent of the action I had. Except for a few tiny Croakers I caught the minute I tried dead shrimp. Time to go Trout Fishing!

The full moon tides took no time to turn and start blasting along. Helped by the 15 knot NW wind. So I went to a close spot and on my first cast with a Devil-eye flapping tail on a 3/8ths oz jig head I had my first 15 inch Trout. Then, that was it. So I switched to my float-rig. Nothing, else. So I moved on.....

I ended up fishing one area the rest of the day. Everywhere else I looked at the tide was terrible, the water totally wind whipped. And so muddy, too.

For a few hours I was into the 13-14 inch Trout, as if I found the NURSERY! Naw, not as if......"I did!" It was rediculas. Trout after Trout, little dinkers. I eventually pulled a whopper of a 16 incher out the nursery of lil' Specks. I moved around, I had too. The tide would rock and roll, then quit and then rock and roll again. So, bites would come and go with each move I made. After what seemed like 25 small Trout to one keeper. I thought about high-tailing it and heading home.
But I stayed in the area and just keep working at it. And the tide became calmer as it started to actually come in on the bottom. Which completely changed the whole bite. Now I was catching a few good Trout, boxing 2-19 inchers. But as time wore on, I still only had 4 keepers. That 5th Trout was gonna elude me. Isn't that something? 4 good keepers out of what now had to be 25-30 Trout? If I was in Louisiana (25 Trout per person with a 12" size limit) I would have had my 25 keepers and been back at the dock cleaning them and actually EATING Trout for supper!! But, nope. I'm here in FLA. Hungry, and frustrated.

Between the Trout bites, I pitched some lines on the bottom with dead shrimp. And caught Whiting. Keeping 6, out of about 15, I caught. When the tide slacked and started coming in on the bottom, is when they quit biting. Unlike the Trout.

Plain and simple folks.....Trout don't like hauling azz current! (which we have too much of... so let's keep dredging it, till the river's 90 feet deep??)

I keep trying for that 5th Trout, but never got it. So I headed home, after a marathon of a day. It was 8pm when I finished unloading the boat and went into the house. Planning on another marathon again, if I need any other medical treatment, of any kind. Believe me, a 12 hr day on the river will have you forgetting all about the day before, especially on the day of the full moon.

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