Thursday, March 4, 2010

3/4 -The difference a year can make.

I've been going back and reading my own reports.....Because it's so damn cold outside. And that wind lately, whoa! what a killer., huh? So I'm day dreaming of day gone by.

I ran across this day;
in Feb last year.

Just a few days before the re-opening of Specks. I remember it clearly. The three guys that I had aboard were a real hoot. And we all sure had fun! Even though the catch and release of Speck after Speck, on the float-rigs was a bit painful for me. The shallow water area we were in was FISHY! Water temp I said was 55. Yep, that's the norm for deep February...problem today, is that 50 and below is not the NORM for January 1st!! Like it was in the beggining of 2010.

While scanning my old reports, I read that last year there was some Trout at the jetties too. I've basically given up on Float-rig fishing the "big stones" for any Specks, right now. But then again, it's hard to keep a spunky shrimp on a hook, worthy of attracting a bite. The live shrimp seem lively in the bait well, but as soon as you hook them and toss them into the chilliness. They're done!

I came up with a theory.....although a simple one. "When the shrimp stay alive on the hook and are "sprightly", is when the Trout will eat them. Along the granite Highway."

Last year, on March 12th I was out chasing these!

Till then, I have made a few minor adjustments in the boat, and in my tackle room. We're gonna be some bottom bumping river rovers, on my boat. Yeah, it maybe nothing but a mind-set really, with a tweak here and there. But as long as I feel committed. I'm okay with that. I'm so not the "consummate" bottom fisherman, that yes, I have to prep myself.

The less than a month old, Jax Trout Trackers forum has 28 members already. But of course the reports and activity is quite sparce. We'll see if that'll change. And who's a giver, and who's just a lurker in the shadows. It's all what YOU make of it.

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