Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3/9 - Calm with the King Crew

Headed out today at 8am with overcast skies and dead calm conditions with Chris, his 11 year old son Austin, and Chris' dad, Dave. Packed a livewell with lots and lots of live shrimp. Since they aren't very spunky and aren't living all that long on a hook. I figured I better bring plenty since I probably have "new" to the float-rigging folks aboard today. And it's absolutely essential to keep a lively shrimp on the hook at all times. And we may go through alot doing what I had planned.......and that was to float-rig, as many spots as I could.

The first spot proved to be the best spot, the higher water was just perfect. As I did my 15 minute crash course on "this is how ya do it." Boxing 3 keepers. With some throw back Specks and yellowmouths. Chris was into the action at first, despite his dad and son's floats a mere 5-6 feet away from his on each drift.

Taking from what reports I have recieved from Sunday, the trip yesterday with DOA Rob, and today. Each day has been a bit less active. Yesterday we only had 3 keeper Trout. But twice as many bites as today. And Rob said yesterday was half the bites he had on Sunday. 

Fished no less than 5 spots all in conjunction with good current, only one was a bad choice really. Because we got hardly a drift. The weak incoming was very evident at the jetties, where we ended up at the end of the day. The green water trying to push in, we sat completely backwards as the boat laid with the wind and the current went the opposite way. In search for a rogue Redbass patrolling the rocks.

It sure was nice and calm, though. Having just one less thing to worry about made for an easier day for me, that's for sure. I love "light and variable".

The King's were great folks to have aboard. And I know I probably bored them with stories of what I have caught on each spot. But, my mind is like a filing cabinet. I pull up to an area that I've fished for so long and the history files of each spot, just comes out. I can't help it. But do have the photos to prove it. Winter of 2010 won't be forgotten for a long, long time.

Eleven days till the first day of SPRING.
Five days away from Day Light Savings time.

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