Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tagged Redfish.....from 2/20

Finally, heard back from the tagging program guy. About the tagged Red we caught on Feb 20th. After making a second call this morning. He said he was under the weather...the address on the tag was Miami, but the guy said he was in New Orleans. Hmmmm??

On Sept. 25th 2009, it was tagged at the Little Jetties in the St. Johns River. Guess where we caught it?
At the little Jetties in the St. Johns River. The fish was reported to have "lots of spots". The fish had 35. It was reported that the fish was 31 inches. I measured the fish and it was 31 inches.

I've always heard Redfish don't go far. Well, this one didn't. So in the balmy 53 degree water that day. Where were the rest of the river reds? It was tagged basically in the height of the big Red, fishing time of year. By ......"the Redfish Guru", who only fishes for reds in the fall.

Maybe, since my love is good size Trout. I'll tag some whenever they start biting again. And we'll see where they go, huh? Any one who's a Jax Trout Tracker member, that catches that same Trout wins a _________. (I don't know yet) Now that's an idea.

Wonder if there's a Trout tagging program, we'll see.

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