Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4/21 - Instructional day #2

Joe W. aka "joebagel",  new to the local fishing scene took advantage of my book two days in advance, one passenger trips. And today was day number two. Joe wanted to do a day at the big rocks, the Jetties.

Being Joe has friends to take, he wanted to kinda try it all. And also wanted to see how to troll for Spanish Mackerel. So he brought along some Planers and spoons and we worked the rip-line outside the jetties, along the rocks. But no Spanish Macks, just Bluefish. Yes, Bluefish the "scurge", the saltwater Piranha are still everywhere. Keep that in mind, because theres a few species that simply just won't compete with them. And Specks are one of those species.

Okay, we got the trolling how-to done. So we went and anchored along the Jetty tip. There were plenty of "Sheepherders" out there that obviously enjoy cleaning 2-3 pound 'heads for the meat. I'm not one of them. But we gave it a try for the last of the tide. And Joe caught his first ever Sheepshead.

I caught a few "grease tester size" Whiting, and added them to the box. The tide was changing, so it was time for us to split if we were gonna do any Float-rig fishing for Trout. So I dragged up the hook and we moved on.

The anchor line barely came tight by the time Joe was bending a rod. They weren't Specks, but they were absolutely ferocious yellowmouths, "weakfish". If they looked like Trout, ate like Trout, then they must be Trout like.......AND I LIKE THAT. And before ya know it our measily 8 limit was in the box. I believe it took about 20 minutes total, if that to get the 8 up to 18-19 inches. It was a whack'em festival!

The shrimp were getting slim in the bait well, I brought 6 dozen. And we still were going to jig the rocks too. But I asked Joe, what's better "one in hand or two in the bush?"   So we kept whackin the fatties. After this winter, all I wanna do is see my float....disappear! And there's that old saying, "why leave fish to go find fish?"  So, after no less than 25 of them. We did move on. And tried jigging the rocks and only caught more Bluefish.

The Blues are getting's a trivia question. "why are Bluefish called Bluefish, when they're actually greenfish?" answer: "Cause the guy who named them that, was color blind."
It was a fun day. And a really nice day out yonder too. Joe again learned alot I'm sure. It was kinda action packed, which was good.
Next up for me: Thursday Night R&D night fishing with my buddy, Nick.
Then, a Saturday charter with an old customer. 
Please book trips well in advance. And on weekends "think evening / night trips" if you want to fish without wakes, noise, jet skis, and heat.

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