Thursday, April 8, 2010

4/8 - Into the darkness..."Let there be Trout & Light!"

My plan for adding some seriously high powered, low power consuming LED lights to the JETTYWOLF, is now in progress. I ordered my lights today.

Extreme enviroment SS and Alumminum lights that I'll be attaching the top of my windshield. In a "flood lamp" configeration. Two will serve as both stern lights and or one stern, one bow. I hope to not only add light so we can Trout fish at night, but to also illuminate the area around the boat, also. While drawing only one amp per light.

If you've ever traversed the St. Johns at night it can completely change your out look on what you think you knew about the river. I've night fished just a few times with friends. And of course back in my Towboat/US days last year got a few rude awakenings, while coming back from down of a dredge operation "crew boat".

So, beyond carrying a spot light. I want light to fish by. "Spreader lights", as they're know to the T-top crowd.

And not to forget that the BEST TARPON fishing at the Jetties, is always around mid-night in the summer. Numerous Tarpon can be caught/ hooked and landed at night. They are just "less wary" at night. With no other boats around, and no heat, as another up-side. But my primary purpose will be Trout, on the float-rigs.

Trips will be offered (after I R&D everything) for two persons only, no kids. Departing at sundown, and finishing up when ever we say Uncle, or get uncontrollable yawning.... 

Even my inshore Trout trips are narrowed down to sun-up to 12:00 noon by July, because of the heat. So now two trips could be booked in one day, even. A very early morning, and a sun down. Catching the coolest parts of a July day.

Think about it.

Because the heat will be pouring on before we know it. 

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