Monday, June 14, 2010

6/14 - WANTED: 2 Nocturnal anglers?

Boy, it's really becoming that time of the year to NOT deal with the HEAT. And can you believe I get calls from people wanting to take little kids out in that heat all day? Six, eight, or even 10 year olds don't need to be out in that all day. Refer to my 2 hr. "Kids Trip":

What I'd like to do is some evening/night trips.....especially on these crazy summer weekends.

No boat ramp crowds, and no one really around anywhere.  But of course, it takes a bit of planning on your part. I can't be up to 2am, and have a charter the next day. So give me some heads-up. I know that's tough this time of year. Because I get calls day after day for "RIGHT NOW" charters. The closer to my bedtime someone calls, the larger the deposit becomes. Most are just "spur of the moment" fishing ideas, folks have. And hardly ever pan-out. Because if they were serious, they'd be ready to chunk down the deposit I ask for, on the charter.

With "feel like" temps in the high nineties, to one hundred, even on the coast. By July, I usually try to start as early as possible and be done by 1:00pm for a inshore 6 hr. day trip.

I haven't had anyone requesting any Kingfish trips so far. I guess I'll have to grab a few buddies and go hit the S.E. Hole and a few inshore reefs and see what's going on. Reports from the S.E. hole lately have been KINGFISH.....and even SAILFISH! Yeah, close-in SAILS. This time of year the by-product of slow trolling for Kings can be a Sail behind the boat. Been there done that, in the past myself. It's pretty exciting.
But, the hotter it gets, it seems like the harder it gets every year to easily cast-net some quick and close Pogies, behind the surf. I think I've seen thicker Pogie schools back in March. As they tightly hugged the Jetty rocks, while I was out there hoping to catch some Speckled Trout that never came. (Just Yellowmouths)

 In the past I've mixed a little trolling, with a morning of Shark fishing behind the shrimp boats. A little run & gun looking to see if there's Blacktip action behind the shrimpers.

Than, skip off to a close reef for a bit of trolling for some kings and of course the "snaggle toothed ledge Trout", also known as CUDA'S.

No, this trip isn't the cheaper charter. Boxes of Cigar Minnows/ Boston Mackerel, and the extra gas, is my major expenditure.

So, as the summer progress', these are your opportunities.
Call to inquire: 904-642-9546

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