Saturday, June 26, 2010

6/26 - Capt. Dave's Fishing Day Camp

Starting mid summer I hardly do a single trip without someone under 10 on the boat. And we joked about that today as I had John Paul. S. his father in law Joe, and two boys Bryce 9 and Zach 7 years old aboard.
Since it was a Saturday, I figured it was time to get outa "Dodge city" and go north to Nassau Sound, and have the boys catch some Whiting and whatever else we could get into.

It was a perfect day. A leisurely ride up the ICW and we were there in no time. First spot, and we started catching medium sized Whiting, right away.

No photo's as I had to send my underwater "dive" camera back to the manufacture for the 2nd time, to get a replacement once again. So reports without photos in my book just plain aren't good reports anyhow. But to make it short and sweet, "we had a really good time." 

The boys reeled in alot of Whiting, even though things got a little slow when we had to sit through the tide change. J.P. reeled in the couple Bonnethead sharks that were way too big, fast and strong for kids this young, while the boys stuck to catching a few baby Blacktips less than 20" long.

GOT KIDS TO UNDER 10 TO TAKE FISHING THIS SUMMER? Have them join Capt Dave's fishing day camp. And we'll head up to the "sound" and just plain catch fish.

We got back to the dock and I cleaned about 30 Whiting, and the crew went straight over to Singleton's Seafood Shack for a fish fry lunch with what the boys caught. A perfect end to a perfect day. 

Next up: Monday I have my regulars the Hostetters from Japan. And we'll probably head off to catch some Kings on the "hardware" and dead cigar minnows while trolling.  ( I guess I'll have to use that camera on my phone and take a few photos....)

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