Monday, July 12, 2010

7/12 - Lots of work

Been busy....did and offshore trip that turned out to be a real bummer, after several hours of trolling. With no action. Chris M. and I took off and went to three different reefs on the 8th and had two clip off's on Cigar Minnows, a slam on a King Getter, and a Cuda that came off a Drone spoon. We even drifted cigar minnows over the ole Acosta Bridge rubble out there at Busey's Bonanza. Chris caught a small shark on the drift, and that was it. We were after Kings, not small sharks. We saw a whole lot of football sized schools of Bonita's, and they were haulin butt so fast there was no keeping up with them.

So eventually we just headed in. I was all about doing some "run and gun" behind the shrimp boats, but Chris had Kingfish on his mind. We tried it as we headed in and it was just plain too late in the day. No sharks like I've seen lately in the morning, were behind any of the smaller shrimp boats out there. So we chunked some dead cigar minnows at the end of the north Jetty for a few minutes, but the tide was dead and not moving. So we called it a day.

I must have went 70 miles or more, with all the trolling we did. At a good clip too. Dead cigars I troll at 3 knots.  And was as if there weren't any fish out there on BB, PG, and MR reefs.

I'm so over the "trolling thang", I took that off my web site's rates page. A slow day of inshore fishing is way better than a day of endless trolling in my book. All those hours on the engine....if I continued doing much more of that, I'm sure someday in the future I'll regret it. Honda 225's aren't getting any cheaper!

Then on Friday I took off to Hilton Head S.C. with the folks. Went up there to haul back some beds and framesa that my Aunt & Uncle didn't want or had the room for. So Friday and all of Saturday was shot. But before we left for S.C. we had to pull my dad's motor cycle trailer out of my garage. And that's when my aged garage door popped, snapped and flew off the tracks. So dad and I blew and extra hour securing it so it wouldn't completely fall down while I was gone.

Since Sunday I have been moving beds, and tearing down a garage door......sounds simple huh? Not so.
Beds had to be moved, and then have them stored nd ready for pick-up by the Salvation Army. Then the garage door had to come down and be cut up to be hauled away. Then, I had to spend alot of money I don't have and get a new garage door put up.

All the while I have people calling for days, and they want them so it sounds, then they don't book them. Then the calls come in for last minute charters, for days I do have booked. Oh it's a riot!

But on Tuesday the 14th,  I have Jimbo from Texas.......a Trout fisherman, a Texas wade fishing Trout fisherman! And I can't even show him any big Trout here. Last month he said he fly fished for trout to 33 inches in Laguna Madre.

Ya read that right, 33 INCHES!!!! In June!!!!  

Yeah, we're the only ones in the south that do not catch monsters in the heat. Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, all catch big Trout in the heat of the summer...."oh but that's the Gulf, not the Atlantic. I forgot".

Saw this on La. Sportsman Magazines web site:

$5.00 on Ebay. Yeah, someone's gonna make something out of the disaster.
Some one on the La. Sportsman reports forum asked if the proceeds will be given to a charity to help La. Fisherman.

Now, it's all about where and when you can fish over in Louisiana. They are closing and opening fishing daily. In Lake Pontchatrain, there is no oil yet, and fishing is closed. So Capt Eric Dumas and a bunch of others are going anyhow to protest, "the La. Fish & Game can't write us all tickets...."

That's what it's turned into now. Protesting, Catch & release fishing only, Hearings, Fights, Testing fish, and so much more.

Good gawd what a mess!

BTW, I finally got my replacement digital camera before I left for S.C. the other day. So I can finally get back into taking GOOD photos. What are reports without photos? Just a bunch of w-o-r-d-s, thats what.

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