Thursday, August 5, 2010

8/4 - Sharkin' saved the day, Jettywolf on the move.

Had Jonathan B. his boss Don, and his son Jonathan aboard today. I knew going in that the tides in the river would be quite weak today. And several attempts at fishing along some hard bottom areas in the river to catch the younger Jonathan a big bad Redbass, seemed futile. On the falling and even on the incoming tide at the end of the day.

We did some "run & gun" behind the shrimp boats outside the inlet. And caught the smaller Atlantic Sharp noses that seemed to be the dominate species. But they are not the target shark. Big Blacktips in the 100 pound range are the reason why I do it. Everyone got to pull on the sharp noses, before it was evident no big Blacktips were around.

We even ran to the beach and made one toss of the cast net and came up with what I call Flounder size Pogies. Small enough that they got gilled in my Pogie net. I caught so many that the net was swimming away. I really like the smaller Pog's, because they live better in my 15 gallon bait wells. And I can keep more.

We tried anchoring on the last of the falling tide at the end of the south Jetty without a decent bite, while using the small Pog's......which seemed unbelievable. 

Right after I said to older Jonathan, "these sized Pogies are Flounder sized Pogies", we were along the inside of the North Jetty, and had set out on the bottom 3 baits. One rod wiggled, then wiggled again. And young Jonathan reeled in a Flounder that ate a Flounder sized Pogie! Imagine that.........
We also picked up one Jack Crevalle, too.

Overall, we just needed alot more current in the river. The falling tide was only a 3.5'  in my tide book. And the incoming was a bit better, a 4.2'. That's why I even gave getting a few Big Reds a try at the end of the day, while even extending our trip, an hour.

It can be that way sometimes. Plus add in the summer temps. The tide will build to 6 feet starting next week. If it isn't always something.....Instead of having no current, we'll have enough to export to the Gulf of Mexico!  

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