Monday, September 13, 2010

8/13 - Been awhile....

For years I've been doing these reports. And since the last one it's been a day shy of two weeks since the last report. Doesn't seem to matter much. Some prespective customers or inquiries, think I fish in freshwater....."It's probably because they don't click on these fishing reports."  Go figure?

The reason for no reports lately has been because of Honda Marine. My Honda outboard, an obviously lemon, has let me down again for the third time in just 3 years and ten months of ownership.  I thought Honda was better than that. And for a grand total of over $1200 dollars worth of repairs and parts, in just the last three months!!  So since the 2nd of the month, I've been out of commission. I'll spare you all the gory details. But as of 6pm on the 10th. I was back in business.  And had this past Saturday and Sunday booked. But lost $1,200 due to being down, through the past Labor Day weekend.

So I had a few trips this weekend. The fishing was a bit challenging with the wacky tides of the last two days of the new moon. But we worked our way around the river hunting up some action.

Reds, Jacks, Ladyfish, baby Groupers, Croaker, yellowmouths were the catches in the  still 83 degree water.

OOPS.....rockin boat?

It was plenty HOT on Saturday. Then on Sunday it was quite pleasant because we had a breeze. But it doesn't matter, I'm so looking forward to Winter

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