Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20 - Whewwwww.....

The last few, what a tough few days. Don't know if it was the hurricane passing way offshore or what. But, no matter what we did. It had it's challenges.

One thing I can tell you as a possible customer. Follow my lead. You see me working hard. You have to do the same thing. If the fish are chewing the bottom of the boat, yeah you can lay back if ya want. But when they aren't. And you want the best possible chance. Then ya better step up to the plate 100% of every minute we're out there.

This isn't my first year doing this. Or as Dr. Phil says, "this ain't my first rodeo."  I'm a great observer of the human condition. And when things aren't going as people would like many times. I see folks get less motivated. I can understand that. I don't expect people to be as die hard as I am. But......

Catching fish isn't a "right". It's a privilage. A challenge. And a skill. I provide the best boat, tackle, bait, I can, and know how, for YOUR abilities.

My theory has always been, never quit. And I'll die trying......or until I get really, really hungry. Because I don't eat, I hardly drink, I forget to use sun screen, I get fried, and my arms ache from heaving the anchor for the 15th time. All in pursuit of fish, big or small. 

Water temps are still 83 degrees in the river. This is again, a time of year I start tracking every drop in degrees. I mark it in my log books and even though not one year seems to ever be the same. I look back in old log books to see the differences.

Shorter days, cooling water temps, seasonal migrations and tide changes, Trout tracking, `and fluctuating fuel prices, are just a few of the items I keep a very close eye on.

For example. Last year on Oct. 30th and it was 90 degrees. And I predicted a warm winter. Oh, I couldn't have been any further from the truth!!!!

So meterology, is like fishing!   

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