Thursday, October 21, 2010

10/21 - Do you have weekdays availible?

You may not have noticed the "new" addition to the right side bar. But it's an idea I'm going to try. I know I'm going out on the limb, and will try another idea of mine, in hopes of generating "Local" fishing interest, again.
If you've been around here for awhile. You know I toss specials out there from time to time. But this time I believe, is better!

If you are willing to commit. I am too. That's the deal. 

If you have days during the month that are weekdays and you're open for fun / learning those days.
I have an offer for you.

-Single fisherman only. No groups.
-Can commit to weekdays.
-Have the desire to learn.
-Have the desire to fish "one on one" with a professional guide and die hard....."ME".

-Have the desire to save $$, as prices for everything "fishing" sky rocket.
-Build a relationship, while catching and learning.
-Get in on those "EPIC" weekday bites, when no one is around!

Then, my new program may interest you!

No long term commitments. But there still is a commitment, as with any fishing charter taken.

-Recieve you daily report here after each day, as usual.
-Recieve down-loadable photos as usual.
-Recieve inside knowledge of the best deals.
-Truely learn about N.E. Florida Tides!
-Your fish for dinner.
-Cheaper than "ever" buying a boat. 
-Cheaper than those "boat clubs", and then you still don't have a fishing clue!
-Step-on...then...step-off, the 26' Jettywolf at days end.

Because this is the most prime time of the year in Jacksonville, Florida.


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Capt. Dave Sipler - JETTYWOLF said...

4 people only hours after posting this "special" have contacted me.

If you're an Angler, and not just a Lazy-boy fisherman. This could be for you....hahahahah.