Monday, October 25, 2010

10/24 - Full Moon/Jetties

Had some nice folks the, Knolla Family aboard today. Tricky timing of our departure being at 9am. Because I of course wanted to sometime during the day fish the falling tide. Because that's where it's been at for me.

But of course the full moon time was still screaming in the river when we got started. The trip was basically for 10 year old Daniel. So we started out trying to get him on the last of the incoming tide a whopper Redbass. By fishing some cut Ladyfish on the bottom with 8 ounce leads. The longer we tried on this spot along the Little Jetties, the more it seemed like we'd be "bait-n-waitin'" for way too long.

So I headed for the big rocks. Went all the way to the south tip, and the easterly swell was pushing in hard out there. So I went on in to the inside of the north Jetty and anchored up. Mentally pushing, for the falling water. The S.E breeze had us sitting on anchor a bit goofy. But once I got all that straight. Things were good.

Croakers, Whiting, a enormous Ladyfish, and a few small pup Black Drum were the instant hook-ups.
The Ladyfish played major havoc. As usual, catching Ellisa of guard with it's tactics. Bowed over rod, line under the boat with the fish jumping on the other side, wrapped around another line, and that line wrapped in the lower unit.

Two thirds of the crew wasn't doing that well. They were quickly getting "green". And then the greeness completely took over. Dad? He was just fine....

It wasn't rough. There was just some up and down to the water out there, where we were. As with all fishing, other than on a Bill Dance Pond somewhere, the water's gonna be moving. Which way? Only fishing there is how we'll tell.

I could have easily gone up into the river, again. But they were done.  I felt bad for going out there. But that's been a good place to find all kinds fish lately. Falling tide, inside of the jetties....."Ya can't beat it."
We were there just a few minutes and as soon as that water started to move easterly. Here came the bites.

So we didn't get to fish the part of the tide I was hoping for. But we gave it our best try.

Here's Daniel with his first fish of the day.

Heading out again with two people on Monday.......trying a 10am departure because of the moon.

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