Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10/26 - Info, laughs, and it's time to get your new planner.


Sorry about the changes for this blog page. I got plenty of emails, "Hey Dave, your web site doesn't work!"

Well, this is just a page. Not my entire web site. It's the reports page. I know plenty of folks visit here. Which is great. But the signing up to go to this page is nothing more than a campaign I'm doing. Building a list.

I saw the usual smart asses, who signed up and used a email address that was obviously a bogus made up one. Great, ya want to visit here or you don't.

The laughs:

Have you ever watched the Jacksonville City Council meetings on Public Broadcasting? The part when they take citizen comments is really funny. There's a good number of wacko's doing their "schtic". There's the Bee guy, and the poet, and the folks that complain about the "white people".

The Florida Sportsman tide planner is out:

Got a call from Carmen, owner of Arlington Bait and Tackle 904-743-3200 (ABT) Such a sweet gal, she said, "Dave I know you love your FS Tide planners, and I wanted to tell you I have them!"  I said, "Wow Carmen, it's early to have them isn't it, usually they aren't availible till mid- November."   So, I went over there and got mine.

The tides around here are crutial infomation. And you can never not know enough when it comes time to attempt to master them.


9 or 10 of you were all interested in a half price trip for a single individual on weekdays only. But I guess it was that "commitment" that was out of your norm. But everyone was really interested in the smell of the bait huh? Well, how many 1/2 price charters do you know of?  None, thats right.Well, time is ticking away. I decided that March 30th is when it had to end. So, if it's not out of your budget to save hundreds of dollars. Send me and email and I'll send you the details.

Still have them at 1/2 price:

Several styles of Ugly Stik casting rods, LIKE NEW. Tiger Lites, Intracoastal Boat rods, and the newest series of saltwater Ugly Stik's, the Inshore Selects casting models - "which 2  that I have are....Brand New".

Another, can't believe no one needs to save allot of $$.

Talkin' Tackle:

Academy Sports at Atlantic & Kernan blvd's is opening November 12th. "we're finally a real sporting city" Dicks, Gander Mountain, Strike Zone, and now Academy Sports? "Tell me it ain't so"  What's next? A Cabelas or Bass Pro shops?

REDFISH limit work shop, reminder:

It's on the right side bar. I've posted some info on what is proposed by the FWC. You complained I'm sure about the one per person Redfish limit....we all have.

Here's some info;
Public Hearings on FWC Redfish Management Proposals
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is proposing a bag limit change for North Florida Redfish to a two fish per person and create four management areas which would be the same as those used for Spotted Sea Trout.
Tuesday, Nov. 23 - Jacksonville Public Library
Deerwood Park Blvd Jacksonville

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