Saturday, October 30, 2010

10/30 - Reminiscing of Fla./Ga. games gone by, & some video introduction:

I remember the days when the Fla./Georgia football weekend used to be a big time for me. Meaning, I was  busy taking people fishing before and after the big game. Well, like many things these days, that has seemed to go by the way side. Having the Super Bowl in Jax Feb. of 2005 was a bust, so I shouldn't be all that surprised, huh?
I also remember the days when it was actually cold!

For several years, I fished with Wayne Smith and his son and brother-in-law before the game. On Oct. 27th of 2000, it was damn near gale force winds and 40 degrees, in the morning.  I was heading for Ft. George. It was a seriously high and rising tide because the water was being pushed by the wind.

That was a huge mistake. But, I quickly re-grouped and we ended up in the far back side of Mill Cove during the high water. Fishing in my 22' Bay boat at the time, we anchored over a submerged shell bank near a creek mouth. Using popping corks and 1/8th ounce jigs with live shrimp, the guys "popped" their way close to 100 fish in 6 hrs. Releasing more than they kept. From Sheepshead, to Flounder, Trout, Reds, Drum. The spot was on fire!

Another cold pre-Fla./ Ga. game with the same crew we caught so many Flounder it was ridicules. I brought 5 dozen live mullet, and half way through our day we had to run and pick up 4 more dozen that I had conveniently delivered to the dock. We arrived back on the spot, and finished putting a limit for the boat in the fish box.

That's "Traveling through the last decade", but you have to remember our last decade was pretty damn good. The world has changed completely since then. For me, those were the "good ole days". And I scared I will never see them again. No matter what some blow-hard politician, will promise you on TV. I'm sick and tired of politicians. And isn't funny how they just piss you off before asking for your vote? Not a single one of them is going to change this country. But each one thinks he or she is the answer.

On a good note, I found some Bob McNally video's. And he happens to be talking "my kind of game". And that's the Float Game. I've never been a ball sports watcher. And if I do watch ball sports, it's usually Golf. One person, against Mother Nature, and the course designer.

Bob years ago used to be the Jacksonville newspaper "outdoors editor". Then, came Joe Julavits and now Jim Sutton. I guess he still lives around here. But he's off doing other things now. As a successful outdoor writer. Looks like a dock in NE Florida up river to me in the video's. And "float-rig" fishing is on his mind, because see how he's dressed? Yep, the coolest and coldest weather is the best inshore fishing of the year in Jacksonville....(always look at the details!)

Here he is talking "Float-rig fishing":

More DIY videos at

More DIY videos at

Now, of course this entire rig can be "taken up a notch". There's some small tricks that can make it work even better. That's the tricks, I will show you, if you book a fishing charter.

I look at Float-rig fishing, like fly fishing a Trout stream. Or fly fishing for us die hard, "bait users". It's not a hard way to fish, especially when everything is perfect. But that's not always the case. It's a visual game, a pay attention game.

And on the Jettywolf, you'll always have the best seats.

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