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10/9 - Weakfish aka: Yellowmouth Trout, new regs.

The Speckled Sea Trouts "ugly cousin".......the weakfish. Also know just as a "weakie" in the northeast part of the Atlantic coast. Yep, as a kid visiting and fishing Barnagate Bay, NJ  I saw 12 pound Weakies on a fish cleaning table once. My cousin and I would say to each other, "Wow, I'd love to catch one of those someday!"

Well, I never did catch a 12 pounder. But here in good ole J-ville, I did catch a 7 pounder one time on a MirrOlure 52MR on the south Jetty in the spring time. And even though it wasn't the sought after "SPECKLED TROUT", it was one hell of a fight, and one hell of a fish.

For awhile there it seemed that the wonderful folks at the F.W.C were gonna take this fish away from us here in Duval County. Ya' know, they've taken so much away from the offshore fisherman, you just had to know that it was soon to be the inshore fisherman's turn.

But, it went the other way......HOLY MACKEREL!

As it turned out. Not good for the Nassau County/ Fernandina anglers.......but then again I never have caught many Weakfish there in the first place.

Here's the NEWEST REGS:

But for us here in Duval County we don't have to worry about the 4 per person @ 12" rule any longer.
(even though it's been a bit confusing, and the dock talk has been "can we, or can we not?")
YOU BE THE JUDGE....I'm making NO claims here. Just publishing the findings.

I'm reading this just like you. WEAKFISH TYPE SPECIES 100 POUNDS PER PERSON, OUTSIDE NASSAU COUNTY AREA LINED IN RED (on the link page).

I love what they say at the top of the page....."difficulty distinguishing between weakfish, sand seatrout, and weakfish-sand seatrout hybrids."  I have no problem distinguishing what is a tried & true Weakfish!

The one on the LEFT is a bigger "Weakfish." Take notice compared to it's Speckled Trout relative (right), the Weakfish isn't as "stocky", but has a bit of a broader head.

This one is a "stud" Weakfish!

Here's another "GATOR", Weakfish.

So you can see, I have no problems knowing that these fish are not some "hybrid SandTrout".....Illusive to only some FWC researcher.

Yes, I love me those "Yellermouths" as they are called locally. These fish school tight. They eat everything from cut bait to live mullet to big lures, and are a blast to catch on the ever faithful float-rig. When the "Specks" aren't all that willing or are a bit shut mouthed. I've found us some Yellowmouths and customers and I have put on a fishing clinic. They fight good, and I think they're quite sporty. Although many local fisherman seem to look down at them.

Heck, I believe we need all the species of fish we can get! I wish the Striped Bass in the river would come toward my stomping grounds, I wish we had Snook all the time. And I'm already feeling the effects of no Mangrove Snappers this year, so far. The last thing N.E. Florida needs is, "less species of fish!"

Soft fleshed with thin skin as with all Trout like species. They don't take kindly to extended freezing then thawing. So what I do is keep them just above the freezing point and will fry them up fresh along with some other fillets.

In the river past down-town, I've caught them in the dead of winter. And they will not look all that healthy. Some fish will look really thin, while others may have a sore or red spots on them. I believe, that in the very cold water they don't move around much and are very susceptible to parasites, and possibly disease of some sort. But, in the spring and the fall, closer to the ocean. These fish are healthy and full of spunk.

You ready to go hunt up some??
I am.....

Call Capt. Dave - the "float-freak" at 904-642-9546 8am-8pm eastern time for your personal / private fishing charter aboard the 26' plate alloy, Jettywolf.

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