Monday, November 8, 2010

10/8 - what are ya waiting for?

I believe fellow N.E. Florida "blogger" Ron Brooks has about said it best when he wrote his article...

Catching Seatrout in Cold Water   (I'd change that to: perfect water, is right now)

-Sometimes Cold Water Conditions are the Best Time to Catch Seatrout

Ron, goes on to say...

"Did you decide to put away the fishing tackle when the first freeze came through? Are you one of the many people who think that cold water makes fishing impossible? Or, are you one of the anglers who know where to find and catch fish in cold water?"

(I'd say, so you think inshore fishing is best when the sweat rolls down your back by 8am in July, August, and September...Huh? Well my friends. That's incorrect. But try telling that to the folks coming down here from Washahegan Wisconsin where it's already hot. Just so they sweat a bit more.)

I have friends on, that are from Alaska to Rhode Island and in between.  And right now they're packing it in, till spring. They are winterizing their motors, getting the boat covers on, and cleaning up tackle, to be put away. While here I am in Jacksonville, Florida "CHOMPING" at the bit to get you and myself out there for some cool weather fish catching. In my mind, real fishing started Nov. 1!

Ron states a FACT:

"This is the time that the largest trout can be caught. "Gators" of ten pounds or more are not uncommon from cold water holes. "

I do know of some deeper water haunts. And yep, I caught my first ten pound Speckled Trout in late April.

(** Notice the sheatshirt)
And the water temp then and the water temp right now is about the same...instead it was in transition to warmer, where as now water temps are in transition to cooler. Like me, the Trout have been waiting for right now too!

I probably don't need to remind you that tracking large Trout, is really only for the dedicated N.E. Florida angler. Most people on a weekend are happy lucking into a few, here and there, in this area. As specialized as hunting big Flounder is. But in my opinion, allot more inter-active. From top water plugs, MirrOlure twitch baits to live mud minnows on a jig head. Trout eat it all. And as a sure bet for a really big Flounder is, a large live Mullet. Trout will NOT turn their noses up at a well presented  frisky cool water, LIVE shrimp.

Here's a direct link to my vast photo album. Yep, over 400 pictures. Take notice that it's either long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, or jackets that are being worn in many of the photos with the best Trout (not all, but allot of them)....and  other species too: Capt Dave's Photo Album

Like a few November's ago with Rick's 5 lb. and Kathy 7 lb. Trout. (yeah, I was in a creek!)

That same link is also on the right side bar of this blog and has been for a very long time, incase you never looked that way.

There's an ole saying, "if ya want to catch more (Or Big) fish, ya have to go fishing more often."

And the other one I like, which Capt Frank Moore in Louisiana always says. Which I find funny; "If YOU catch what's biting, then you're doing just fine."

Here's the rest of Ron's article on cold water Trout:

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