Thursday, November 11, 2010

11/10 - E-P-I-C D-A-Y, aboard the Jettywolf

EPIC, defined as: surpassing the ordinary. Especially in size or scale. Impressivness.

Yes, like sands through the hours glass, these are the days, I have waited for all year. This is the way the fishing in N.E. Florida can be this time of year.  This is why "weekdays" can be so good. This is the reason I offered single passenger, weekday discounts. I watch the weather, the tides. I'm tracking these fish (Speckled Trout). And when I call you, be ready!. Again, it's all about commitment, and timing.

Chris, took advantage. And he knew, I was dead serious when I said, "The time is NOW, too book your single passenger multi- weekday charters". 

It was all too evident on Tuesday that the weekends weather had a big effect on the Trout and river. The water was stirred up, and sandy looking. And there was allot of wind still in the morning hours. So, it seemed to me, that it was worth a try again, on Wednesday. So I called up Chris. "Ya need to tighten up....we need to go tommarrow!" I said, jokingly. But he knew what I meant.

The action was really good, the Trout were super nice size, the "pup" Redfish were chewin, and the float's were steadily going down. With no wind, cool and another beautiful, crisp fall morning in Jacksonville!

Chris was killin me......he was consistantly catching Trout 19-3/4 inches to 20 inches. So as I boxed the largest, and let go the smaller ones. He was filling his limit of the most "select" Trout. I did score a 23 incher. But he whoopin' the ole Pro.

That's was his day!

UT OH....Say hello to my "parabolic-action" 7'6" Sheakespeare Ugly Stik float-rig rod, Mr. Redbass!

At 31" and cool water frisky, this Red was a handful.

Large fat Trout, mix in some Reds, add a Sheepshead, and a Flounder, and you have yourself a JETTY, S-L-A-M.

At one point we made a move because the current died where we were. And we switched up a light sinker and a long leader and "tight-lined" along the rocks. It was every single cast that we either hooked a Redfish, or a Trout. Every single cast!!!!! The current was perfect for fishing real light weight. I found yet another "nest" of fish.

Although allot of the Trout and Reds were smaller, we didn't care. We had our limits in the box. But as we finished up all the shrimp in the livewell, we hooked up right down to the very last live shrimp in the well. Totalling at least 30 Trout to 23 inches and 20 Redfish, one Sheephead, and a token Flounder. Along with a few small Bluefish.

What a great day aboard the Jettywolf!

It's time for YOU to call me, (not email.....CALL) consult with me about the tides, sign up for the weekday special, or bring yourself and a buddy. Fall doesn't last forever. Before you know it, it'll be March and the winds will be blowing, and then July again when the heat is back.

Do yourself a when they're chewin!

Click here: for latest Mayport weather

(looks like Monday the 13th -15th is gonna be nice...) 

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Anonymous said...

EPIC to say the least! What a hell of a day Dave!
This four day single person charter deal is exactly what I've been needing to hone in on my angling skills. I only wish you had offered this type of charter two years ago when I first moved here and got into fishing. It would have saved me a ton of money and time wasted trying to figure out how to fish these Jacksonville waters on my own. The personal attention and one on one coaching is superb and something you can't find anywhere else. Not only have I advanced my fishing abilities, but also gained a better understanding and appreciation of equipment, surroundings, and attitude. Al of which coincide to make for an epic day of fishing! I'm looking forward to our next trip, and in the mean time I'll be enjoying lots of fried T-routz! Tighten Up dave!