Tuesday, November 2, 2010

11/2 - The bait smells rotten...as usual.

Let's see....I get every possible publication calling me wanting me to run ads in everything from, Golf Course Guides, Place mats, etc. To giving away free trips on the PBS auction (Channel 7 Public Broad Casting). Then there's the web people, who say I need to be #1 on all the search engines. And it's so funny, because they usually find me on Google. Where on many search terms, I'm #1, already!

I love the calls from Elementary schools, wanting me to give free fishing trips away on a silent auction. And I purposely have NO kids!

The only time I've ever done such a thing is when it's "sportsman" based:. IE: Hunters or Fisherman. I refuse to donate anything to people who do not support the Outdoors, and especially the fishing community.

Then, there's the Nigerian scammers. Right now I'm on my 15th year of charter fishing in Jacksonville, Florida as my full-time, 12 month a year, 7 day a week J-O-B. Yes, it's how I make 100% of my income. Never been a retired Lawyer, I'm not a Fireman, working 3-4 days a week, and the rest of the time I'm making my boat and hobby payments.

Here's the latest scammer email I received:


My name is Eng John Paradis I want to know if there is any availability for 7 persons which are coming to spend our vacation trip with your company.The will be spend 10day .also the need Full Day (8hrs dayly)species such as trout, red fish and sharks can be caught inshore. If there is availability , kindly let me know about the quotes and accommodation availability as well.
They are looking forward to arrival on 10th June of 2011,
Departure date:20th June of 2011 . We want you to arrange this packages for them.
(1)Transportation to and from airport  (2)Lodging  (3)Full Day offshore Fishing,Fishing Guides and 2 boat running for full day each.(8hrs full day)  (4)Total Packages
Mode Of Payment ;Visa ,Master. We want to have there Boat charter for fishing with your company.you can write me at.....

Eng John Paradis
First off, isn't "Eng" supposed to be "Esq." for Esquire????  Not "Eng." 

This dumb bunny must think we all fell off the Magombo tree, last night.
NO ONE!!!! Books trips over a year ahead, period!
At least not anymore. I'm sure back in the hay day of Florida, someone might have. Hell, I can't get people to book trips who live in Jacksonville, Florida to reserve two weeks to 30 days ahead, anymore. And I do not provide lodging, or transportation, either.
I can't get booked; 4 weekdays with a local fisherman, at 1/2 price! So I'm going to believe I have tourists from a far off land, wanting to fish 10 days in a row???? 
Plus, I don't care if your a TV land Angler; like Bill Dance, Flip Pallot, Roland Martin, Hank Parker, Jose Wejebe, Mark Sosin, Blair Wiggins, or even this non -TV land Captain......Cappy Dave Sipler. No one is going to even ask for 10 days straight of fishing!
Only exception to that would be; "YES, I'd fish 10 days straight in Southern Louisiana, if cash flow, time, and transportation was not impeding me." A few days in Lake Pontchartrain, then a few days in Venice, then a few days over at Lake Calcasiau. Now, that's what I'd call a fishing vacation for the die hard, wannabe, Gulf Coast, Trout Tracker.

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