Thursday, January 13, 2011

12/13 - BAIT TIPS: "and more"

Here's a tip from fellow blogger Ron Brooks of This will work great for me....if I can catch some T-routz. And since I'm on my BIG JIG kick, now.

By Ron Brooks, Guide since 1998

Trout Bellies

On trips where I catch a limit or two of seatrout, and I bring fish home to eat, I always take particular care when cleaning the trout.

As I fillet off each side of the fish, I make sure I leave the belly of the fish intact. That white strip of belly meat runs from the pectoral fins back along the underside of the fish. It is pure white; but, it is also pure gold!

I save these belly strips and cut them to shape them into a nice jig or bucktail trailer.

The salt toughens them and allows me to keep them unrefrigerated for an extended period of time. This trailer bait is cheap and it works to add just enough smell to a jig or bucktail to entice a strike from an otherwise wary fish.

(Jettywolf FYI.....I always keep a one pound box of that coarse Kosher salt in the house for stuff just like this. Just never thought about all them Trout bellies I feed to the Pelicans......DOH!!!)

Here's a funny video I found. .....and that "LAZY  GUIDE" better get to work.

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Capt. Dave Sipler - JETTYWOLF said...

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