Sunday, January 30, 2011

1/30 - Jr. Angler day.

It was a beautiful morning. Not a breath of wind. We decided last night to get a good early start. And I'm glad we did!!!!!

The boat ramp parking lot by 7:25am as we pulled away from the dock started to look like a Wally World parking lot on Black Friday. (and it was way worse when we got back at noon.)

Either way, hit the water this morning with two Huber's.....Sr. & 6 year old Junior. It was fine when we first got there on the spot. And personally, we were never "coneheaded".  But I sure felt sorry for some guys in a small green Jon-boat.

It was if there was only one one place to fish the river. I call it the "HUB". And the "hub" was lined with boats.
Our first fish was a pup "sandwich sized" Black Drum.

And Huber thought that this one was a "whopper". But he ended up reeling in allot larger fish, with help from Dad.

Sheepshead, roe-laden females up to 7 pounds.

The really monster spawner Sheeps are on their way. Because just in this area, each trip the Sheeps are getting larger. We weren't doing anything all that fancy. Just fresh dead shrimp on the bottom.

Huber wanted to make a move (It's a kid thing...) so I made a move over to a good spring time, pogie bait, Redbass spot. But in hopes of a really big Drum, for him. But he caught Seabass, instead. Then, it was time to go. Our 1/2 day quite successful trip came to an end. "It was time to go make the Donuts".  I mean, clean all the fish.

With Sheeps this size it didn't take many to go home with a big bag full of prime jumbo fillets.

Don't let the chill of winter in Jax stop you from thinking about booking a trip with a few friends. This can be prime time for good fish such as Sheepshead, Drum, and even Trout. Easily, "stocking up" on some good fish. Just think ahead, that's all!

-Reserve 2 weeks in advance
-Have more than just one day available
-Dress appropriately

There's NO comparison between right now and the middle of July in the river and at the inlet. But of  course, when it's blazing hot, is when everyone thinks it's inshore Fishing Time. I'm here to tell you. That's wrong.


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