Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/15 - Couldn't stand it any longer.....

After this weekend, I just couldn't stand it any longer. "I had to go run a float-rig behind the boat, and catch a TROUT!"

So, I grabbed fellow Float-Freak, Doc Miller and we took off around 8:30am. Today was the first day of some actual  T-I-D-E! Then, by Friday LOOK OUT. The full moon really kicks in.

Although the forecast was heinous by the afternoon with 20 knot ENE winds. Doc was up for it and so was I. We tried a creek at first. Just to prove to ourselves that "we ain't creek fisherman." Actually it was a creek that buddy DOA Rob frequents and has loads of Trout catches from his Hobie Kayak. But for some reason I can go in there and never get a single bite on a live shrimp....go figure. I don't stay where I'm not welcome very long. So after we tried one more spot before we hit the river. Again, not a sniff.

So we hit the "HUB"...already covered up with at least six boats. Believe it or not, there was room for us. Two float-riggers amongst six Sheepsheaders.  Yep, we were no threat to cleaning out the last of the snaggle-tooths. We wanted to catch a Trout. And I caught one decent Yellowmouth Trout. And that was it.

It's so funny, that in the last ten times to the HUB, when I do catch a yellowmouth it's ONE yellowmouth and that's it. Not two, just one! So today was no different, and much acceptable. Although unbelieveable!

So we worked our way up river. Since the lift on yellowmouth at 4 per person to 100 pounds per person! Yeah...a bit rediculas, but I'll take it. The fish have been quite illusive. They need to be. Because once I find the nest, they're gonna take a beatin'. So we hit a Yellowmouth Trout spot.

Instead we caught 3 Specks. Not whoppers, but a few could have been keepers. And even lost a few hook-ups.

Eventually the tide died, so it was time to head on. The wind now was gusting, it was really cold and the white caps in the river were made for the Jettywolf.  She loves the S-L-O-P!

We hit a bunch of pilings that any other month of the year are a Sheepshead, Flounder, Trout, and Redbass magnet. So we tried it. Possibly a few stolen baits by the Sheeps, and then we caught a few Specks. The wind was whipping so bad the spot was almost impossible to anchor on, let alone fish. But heck we boated a few more.  We moved on to the last spot.

There wasn't allot of Trout, but they sure were nice fatties. We caught three total on the last spot of the day, I got two - 18 inchers and Doc banged a nice 20 incher.

Here's the ones worth photographing:

Yes, it's been awhile. Yes, we couldn't keep any till 3/1. Yes, it was a crappy windy day to attempt a Trout "R&D Day" but I was almost afraid I had lost it.

Ya know, lost the where and how to catch some fattie Troutz. And that tell-tale throb, throb on the end of my long Trout rod. I love that feeling.

Can't wait till March 1st!!

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