Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2/22 - Cabin Fever in Florida?

Wheww...just finished a 3 day run. Starting on Saturday the 19th at 10:30am. Then finishing up on Monday the 21st at 3pm. 

And it of course had to be warm and sunny too boot. Floridians with cabin fever? Yep, the river was a parking lot.

It's funny, because I actually enjoy cold days with some wind because no one will be around. And especially weekdays....Monday thru Thursday's.

Coupled with a crowded river, sunny days, and warm temps, we had the FULL MOON. Which was going to do no one any favors.

To quote Jerry, one of the four Sailor's I picked up off of the number 5 ship right after it pulled into Mayport; "I thought the St. Johns River was going to be this slow, lazy, water, with easy fishing." 

Well, Jerry and the crew got to see the river at it's finest. Current galore, boats on every single spot, and because of the full moon. Not many bites!

This continued all the way through Monday afternoon. But by Monday I gave up on the bottom fishing for Sheepshead and Drum and we went float-rig fishing.We caught a few Trout, and I mean "A FEW".  By Monday afternoon the wind was honking. So we gave some fiddler crabs a try here and there. But my GUT was telling me, it was all wrong.

I want to thank my crew members the last three days for having patience and perseverance.  Believe me, it's not usually this tough.

Next up: Thursday with a Mom and a ten year old, then Sunday. And then a few 4 passenger trips in March pre-booked.

No...ya won't see me out next Saturday during the El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament. I just switched a charter from that Saturday the 26th to the Sunday afterwards.

There's no way to conduct a charter with all that going on at the boat ramp and jetties. I may go down and help slicing those armor clad critters up, for the fish fry.

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