Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why not on the Redbass Tourney circuit?

Been exploring these particular boats for a few months now. And since long ago when I posted a video of a Alloy boat running a Idaho river full of rocks and Beaver dams. I actually received more requests to show that footage. Everyone loved it.

So I figured I'd post this particular "could be serious" inshore fishing boat. The engine is a Merc 200HP powerhead, hooked up to a jet.

Let's see...who could really get to all the SKINNY WATER REDS, during a NE Florida Redbass tournament?

If I could have it all, you may not just see the "Jettywolf" at the jetties, but the "Mudwolf" flying thru the creeks, to sight cast those oh so "wiley" Redbass.

Wonder how this thang would handle oysterbeds?  Do you get ticketed for running over marsh grass by the Florida water-nazi's?

Gotta love ALLOY.

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