Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3/14 - The search for "spring" continues..........

Had Tom and 9 yr. old Madison aboard today.  It sure was cold this morning, that's for sure. But turned out to be a beautiful day.
Keeping things real simple we bottom fished at the jetties. And since there wasn't hardly any incoming tide, the ebbing current flowed and flowed for what seemed to be long after low tide. Which was a good thing.

We fished 3 spots, and each one was pretty uneventful. Sure, I wanted to catch some small fish for Jr. Angler Madison. But also wanted to hang something decent for dad, Tom.

One spot, was a L-O-N-G shot. Out past the green can on the south. Because that's where I've caught 10 pound "spawning Sheepshead" like this: (and monster spring time Black Drum)

This time of year "SUPPOSEDLY" you should be able to fish the edges and ledges out away from the jetty rocks and catch fish like this. (my memories are haunting me!)
I have a 12" RayMarine sounder screen, that can read a shrimps butt at 3000 feet. I like utilizing it. Most people probably don't even realize how much structure there is away from the actual jetty rocks. Structure that fish get on. And this time of year "SUPPOSEDLY" the monster Sheepshead get on it. Especially, during the spawn. And so do the "out-sized" Black Drum and big Reds.

But.......it's not spring yet. Because, these fish are no where to be found out there as of yet.

Madison reeled up some Whiting, on one spot. And Seabass on another. Some 12" Seabass, that we're "not" allowed to keep any longer.

I'll keep trying these deep water structure areas, off the highly beaten path, in hopes that some day the fish will do their thing out there as they have done for all my years fishing out there.

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