Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4/12 - Windy, Rainy day project

Here's what I want:

Here's what I had, (too low) of a fillet table.

So...was gonna head out this morning and see if I could catch a box load of Whiting on the falling tide, and then some T-routz on the incoming tide. But it was way too windy (west 15 and gusty) then came the on and off rain. So I'll try again later.

I took what you see the bird standing on and raised it so I don't have to bend over, while cleaning fish. (All until I can get a "ALUMINUM" set up like the photo at the top) which belongs to my friend Peter in Melbourne, Austalia.

The Aussies have the coolest stuff. I'm getting closer though. I got my Chum Chopper like the Aussies have (aka down under: a Burly Bucket) And eventually I'll get a custom made aluminum (for J-ville, Florida that is....) Fillet table.

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