Friday, May 13, 2011

5/13 - Friday the 13th ain't so bad

Had Eric Rea, and his two buddies from Texas aboard today. In town to go to the T.P.C. Golf Tournament. So on Friday the 13th we headed out out. Spooky, cause I'm superstious. Especially when fishing.

So we head out the jetties and go look for some Pogies. I find them right away, get my net ready and make a great big circle cast right on top of them. And the hand-line comes flying off my hand. The net's sinking, the water's 30' deep and I have seconds to slam the boat in reverse grab a rod to dip the hand-line out of the water before the net takes it down.

Achieved!! Ut Oh....was that a Friday the 13th sign, already?? Nope, just stupid me, letting the hand-line come flying off my hand! That's all.

With Pogies easily on the next go'round, we head 100 yards over to the north jetty. I show the guys what we're gonna do. I bait up a nice lil' greaser, and pitch it out to the prescribed spot. Before I can hand someone the rod, a Redbass is on it and get's off. Second bait, same deal. And this time one of the guys grabs it, doesn't realize these ain't largemouth bass and gets his butt handed to him. The fish swims from out and away from the boat, to the boat! Run's under the boat is probably out the other side of the boat and POP....goes the line.

Yes, Eric's buddies are fresh water fisherman. And this is was new to them. So now, they know these fish mean business!!

And without going into massive detail, (because I'm hot, tired and hungy I'll keep it short.) The guys hooked over 10 Reds, lost some and got some. It was I.G. - instantaneous gratification, for the next few hours.

I took as many pics as I could, but it was mayhem! GOOD MAYHEM!

After all the Redbass action, we needed more Pogies. So I went and got some more. Then we drifted the Pogie pods, thinking "how the hell could there not be more Reds in all these pods. Well there was none. Then we anchored and let the pods of bait swim right under us. Still nothing!  So the tide was falling about this time, so I tried outside the north tip. No bites. So then, we went inside the north jetty. "There's got to be some big ones cruising on the inside right?"  No bites. So I said hell with the Pogies and we put on some dead shrimp.

And not long after, BAM. A rod bows over. And it's a sweet pup Black Drum. Hmm....."Targeted Species" in my book.
The southeast breeze started up and as the tide slowed, the boat started to swing with the wind. So I drug up the anchor and dropped us out in deep water.

A few Whiting later, we started to get at least some "take home" fish. Or rather for these guys, more seafood for dinner at Singletons. Boxing a good handful of Whiting, as the incoming tide starting. We were all hot, tired and Eric had a hankering for a cold beer. So we headed in so I could clean their catch.

It was a great day. NO LONG BOAT RIDES. We hung along the north rocks all day and had super action as long as the tide was high. And had to work and be patient on the falling tide.

No more Friday the 13th mishaps, either.

Thanks Fellas, it was GREAT!

Next up:
2 guys on Saturday.

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