Sunday, May 22, 2011

5/22 - Time to shift gears?

Had John K. and his buddy aboard to do for a jetty trip. It was a beautiful day, just like yesterday. Sun, slick seas, and light winds.
We departed 7am and headed straight to the rocks. Wanted to catch that extra 50 minutes of falling tide we got today. I had visions of more Drum in my head, since they seem to be there at least. All ya need is some dead shrimp.....good smell some current equals Mr. Black Drum.

And John caught a decent one.

But the ONE, is all that bit. Let's see, two hard earned falling tide Drum yesterday, and only one today? Hmmm...that's not cutting it.

But, the Whiting were chewin'. Not huge ones, but just enough to keep it interesting and keep some action going on as we hoped for another Drum. Boxing at least 20 real fast. They seem to be the only fish really chewin'. But as the tide slacked, so did the Whiting bites and we still only had one Drum in the fish box.  "Okay, time to make the donuts."  Head over to the massive pogie pods and get some live baits for Redbass and the rising tide.

Catching BAIT couldn't be any easier. Only wish catching fish for the box was as easy. We fished, fished, and fished, for a big Redbass. And don't think we feed a Pogie to anything other than a Seabass, with eyes bigger than it's stomach.

So as it grew hotter and hotter and the tide got high. We packed it in and headed to the dock. I cleaned up the Drum and all the Whiting which made for some good fish fry material.

Here's where I believe I need to start changing gears. It's a "here's yer sign" kinda thing.

I have to get out there on the rip-line on these falling tides.....Cobia and Kingfish, is what I'm thinking. The shrimp boats, I usually don't have to hit them till June, and June is right around the corner. Blacktip Sharks, Spinner Sharks - aka: "Brown Marlin", are what's in store if you are looking to  really break a sweat! Loading up on Pogies, and getting the chum chopper spewwing some fish attracting gew and oil, as we drift live baits out behind the boat in the S.E. Hole, and even the Redtops off Ponte Vedra beach. And as soon as I hear a good word, Tarpon my favorite place, Nassua Sound.

It's time of year again for hunting.....
We can still hit the river / jetties if that's the kind of close, no running trip you want to book. But, if you're wanting to get adventurous. What I'm talking about is my Tarpon/Shark trips on my rates page. Costs a bit more, but ya never know. It's that time of year to check out other opportunities.

Here's video of a Shark'n trip:


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